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Ann-Gree is a red Ghost Writer in Yooka-Laylee who must be attacked before collected. The only way to collect the ghost is to hit it until it turns yellow, then green. If Yooka and Laylee are within Ann-Gree's attack range, Ann-Gree will chase after the duo to attack them with an uppercut punch.

Ann-Gree will charge the duo on sight and can only be attacked after it misses. Once Ann-Gree attacks the player, they can jump out of the way and hit the ghost with any Offensive Ability once Ann-Gree turns yellow. After the duo attacks Ann-Gree three times while it's yellow, Ann-Gree can be safely collected.

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Ann-Gree is a red demon-shaped Ghost Writer with an elliptical face, red glow-in-the-dark eyes, a large mouth, four big, sharp teeth in the upper jaw, eight teeth in the bottom jaw, and two pointy horns. Ann-Gree's arms are spread out wide in a chasing position. The ghost has no legs nor tongue and levitates.

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The name 'Ann-Gree' is a play on words of angry, which reflects this Ghost Writer's personality. Angry means to have a strong feeling of or showing annoyance.

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  • Ann-Gree is the only Ghost Writer that attacks Yooka and Laylee.
  • The gender of all of the Ghost Writers is confirmed to be "non-specific" by Daley Johnson.[1]

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