"A sssmashing move, thisss one."

The Buddy Slam (also known as Ground Smash in Toybox) is an ability that both Yooka and Laylee use to hit the ground. Yooka jumps in the air while curling into a ball, and Laylee throws herself and does a back flip into the air. Laylee will then slam herself down onto Yooka, hitting the ground with a lot of force. This move can be used to hit various tiles, activate switches and Buttons, damage enemies, etc.

The Super Slam Tonic can be equipped to create a much more powerful Buddy Slam. The tonic changes the direct hit damage from 2 to 8, which can defeat Corplet Punishers in one direct hit when they are not invincible. It also creates an area-of-effect shockwave which deals 1 damage and stuns any hit enemies for a short period of time. The shockwave can also hurt Bizzy Bees, Corplet Drones, and Corplet Marines.


Description Image
Slamming Buttons and other objects The duo can activate objects like Buttons and Switches. It can also be used on other things as well.
Buddy Slam - Switch
Hitting enemies The duo can use this ability to hit enemies.
Buddy Slam - Attack

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Steam Edit

Jump into the air with SPACE and press CTRL while in the air.

Xbox One Edit

Jump into the air with AXboxOne and press LTXboxOne while in the air.

Playstation 4 Edit

Jump into the air with Cross PS4 and press L2 PS4 while in the air.

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  • While Trowzer is teaching this move, Yooka asks if it would not make more sense to have Laylee do the smashing. This may be a reference to a move from the Banjo-Kazooie Series in which Banjo and Kazooie would smash to the ground (with the same results and capabilities of Yooka and Laylee's move), Kazooie being the one to make contact with the ground.