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“Brrr… I like to keep the energy bills down, but it’s never usually this cold!”
― Burnie

Burnie is an NPC in Yooka-Laylee. He is infested with the boss of Glitterglaze Glacier: Brrreeze Blok which prevents him from transferring heat throughout the Icymetric Palace to keep it warm.

Name Origin Edit

Burnie is is a play-on-words of the word 'burn,' which refers to the fact that furnaces burn anything put inside of them, and Bernie, a variation of the masculine Germanic name, Bernard.

Appearance Edit

Burnie is a large brown furnace with a large door, as well as two googly eyes and metal eyebrows that can pop out.

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Task Edit

The duo must defeat Brrreeze Blok inside Burnie for Burnie to regain his lost heat. Doing this will restore the heat vents all around Icymetric Palace.

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Development Edit

Burnie was officially revealed during the Character Parade & Shovel Knight Trailer on Sunday, September 25, 2016 where he was bright-red colored.

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  • Burnie was revealed during the Yooka Laylee - Character Parade & Shovel Knight Trailer.[1] The trailer was first shown off during the EGX 2016 Livestream.
  • In older screenshots, Burnie was red. This appears to have changed, but this could also as well be the light that comes from inside of him (when he is lit).

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