Yooka and Laylee crouch down onto the ground, stopping all movements and prepares to use their next ability.

Uses Edit

The duo will stop all movements after crouching.

Description Image
Crouching When the duo crouches, they will stop all movements, and duck down. After, it can be followed by another ability.

Abilities Edit

Crouching will prepare the duo for their next ability. Crouching itself is often useless.

Description Image
Lizard Leap The duo can crouch and proceed to use the Lizard Leap leap ability in order to jump high.
Camo Cloak After crouching, Yooka can use the Camo Cloak to turn invisible.
Invisible Yooka2
Sonar 'Splosion While the duo are crouching, Laylee can use the Sonar 'Splosion ability to hit all nearby enemies.
Sonar Blast

Controls Edit

Steam Edit

Hold CTRL to crouch.

Xbox One Edit

HoldLTXboxOneto crouch.

Playstation 4 Edit

Hold L2 PS4 to crouch.

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