The Double Jump is an ability that allows Yooka to jump a second time in mid-air after they have already performed a normal jump.

Uses Edit

The double jump can be used to gain more vertical and horizontal distance.

Description Image
Vertical Distance Yooka can use the double jump in order to reach heights that he cannot normally reach with a normal Jump.

Using the Double Jump to reach the top

Horizontal Distance Yooka can use the double jump to gain more horizontal distance while in the air.

Using the Double Jump over gaps that cannot normally be jumped regularally

Controls Edit

Steam Edit

Press SPACE to jump, then press SPACE again while in the air.

Xbox One Edit

Press AXboxOne to jump, then press AXboxOne again while in the air.

Playstation 4 Edit

Press Cross PS4 to jump, then press Cross PS4 again while in the air.

Nintendo Switch Edit

Screenshots Edit