Duke is an NPC found inside Duke's Temple in Tribalstack Tropics. He hosts a minigame where Yooka and Laylee must shoot Frostberries at multiple planks of wood that have pictures of scrappily drawn Corplets.

Duke's origins are unknown, but he was likely created by Dr. Quack along with the other Corplets. However, he differs himself from everyone else he meets, calling Corplets 'blighters' and 'neanderthals', and calling the duo 'run-of-the-mill peasants.'

The only known reason for the Duke living inside of the temple in Tribalstack Tropics is to avoid paying taxes.

Name Origin Edit

The name Duke is a male holding the highest hereditary title in the British royalty and certain other titles in England.

Appearance Edit

Like most Corplets, he is a blue gremlin-like creature with purple eyes. He has a huge mouth, uneven eyes, pointy ears, as well as crooked teeth and orange spikes on the top of his forehead. Duke has a blue body with a yellow belly.

The main difference between him and the regular Corplets is that he wears a very tall tophat with a white strip on the bottom, and the top of the hat is peeling off.

He holds a tilted cane with his right hand and puts his left hand behind his back.

Personality Edit

Unlike most Corplets who are bashful and reckless, the Duke acts much more like a gentleman. However, he looks down upon anyone who seems to be below him in rank and wealth, including Yooka and Laylee.

Task Edit

When the duo enters Duke's temple, Duke will request for additional sunlight inside his temple. The duo must go outside onto the second floor of Duke's Temple and hit the four switches with the Buddy Slam. When the player returns, the Duke will then challenge the duo to a target challenge inside of the temple, which requires the Slurp Shot ability. If the duo completes this task, they will be rewarded with a Pagie inside a locked cage.

Entire Conversation Edit

Entire Conversation.

First encounterEdit


"Good day, strapping adventurers. Splendid day for a hunt, what-not?"


"Whoa... Aren't you supposed to... talk simple? Run straight at us?"


"Like those neanderthals in Hivory Towers? Absolutely not! I'll have you know I'm the most aristocratic character in the game!"


"Not likely... There's a guy with a huge ice palace in the next world. He must be loaded."

(Dialogue will go the "Requesting Help" if the player has not yet cleared the 4 blocked windows on the roof. Dialogue will go to "Speaking to Duke after the room is lit" if the player has cleared the 4 blocked windows on the roof."

Requesting help Edit


"Might you assist a gentleman with a modest lighting quandary?"

"This antique temple features a diving shooting gallery. But some lout's blocked my windows up top!"

"Might you fine fellows climb my rooftop and unblock the windows? That seems like a task suitable of your... stature."


"We'll take a look"


"This guy better hand over the Pagie or I'm going to coat these windows in something far worse..."

Talking with Duke for the second time before completing his first task Edit


"I still have more windows up top to clear... Get to it!"

After slamming a switch on the second floor of Duke's Temple Edit


"Hello up there. Spiffing job letting in some light so I can set up my target challenge!"

"If you could address other 3 blocked windows out that would be splendid!"

Slamming all four switches Edit


"Capital Work! Come inside and we'll arrange a sporting contest for a real prize! What-ho?"

Speaking to Duke after the room is lit Edit

("First Encounter" will appear if the player has not yet spoken with the Duke, then the dialogue below will appear afterwards.)


"Thanks for clearing the windows up top, what-not!"


"Whatever, We've done the dirty work, now hand over the Pagie!"


"What? Give you my posh loo paper, leaving me with just the local fauna should nature call?! Not likely!"

"Although I do like a sporting contest... I propose you take on my target challenge!"

"I'll provide the targets based on my neanderthal brethren, you shoot the blazes out of them all and I'll surrender the pagie what-what?

"What do you say? Fancy a shot at my target range chaps?"

Player accepts with the Slurp Shot ability Edit


"That sounds fun. Let's shoot!"


"Jolly good. Stand on the spare target I laid down and don't forget your ammo. Down the common beasts and I'll award the Pagie!"

Player accepts without the Slurp Shot Ability Edit


"That sounds fun. Let's shoot!"


"Good grief, you're not even qualified for shooting! I believe a visit to that Trowzer chap should set you straight. Pip pip!"

Player denies Edit


"Erm, maybe a bit later, Mr. Duke"


"Gosh. Well if you experience a change of heart, I'll be here, doing my best to avoid paying tax."

Talking to Duke for the second time Edit


"What do you say? Fancy a shot at my target range chaps?"

Hitting the first target during the challenge Edit


"Capital Shooting! Just a few more of the blighters to blast."

Completing the challenge Edit


"Top shooting for a couple of run-of-the-mill peasants! I feel like I've prepared you to take on the rest of the Corplet minions in the game. Go collect your reward!

Returning to the Duke after completing the challenge Edit


"What are you doing back here? Shooting's over! I'm off to point and laugh at the commoners outside."

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Trivia Edit

  • Duke's looks and personality represent a stereotypical Victorian age British gentleman.
  • The top hat the Duke wears is the same hat that the Classy Snowman wears, just scaled down.
  • At one point, some of Duke's dialogue was changed. The dialogue below reveals that the Duke owns a stuffed endangered animal collection, and he was going to offer the player a pot of tea and cucumber sarnie
    • In the past, once the player slammed all 4 switched on top of the Duke's roof, he would state: "Let there be light! How wonderful it is to see my collection of stuffed endangered animals again. Say, you up there!... Pop in for a congratulatory pot of tea and cucumber sarnie won't you?"
    • This dialogue was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Based off of Duke's dialogue, Trowzer is the only character that Duke has not called a name of a lower status. Duke has only referred to Trowzer as "Chap".
  • Laylee responds to the Duke stating that there is someone who owns Icymetric Palace in Glitterglaze Glacier. However, the owner of the palace in unknown.

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