Galleon Galaxy is the fifth and final world in Yooka-Laylee. This world is both a space themed and a pirate themed world.

To access this world the duo must first learn to fly from Trowzer.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Abilities Learned[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Locations of Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Location
At the base of the Lighthouse ramp.
Vendi Transparent.png
Near the beginning of the level by the water.
Dr. Puzz.png
Dr. Puzz
Before powering the lighthouse, near the Meteorite island. After powering the lighthouse, by the space docks.
Rextro Sixtyfourus
On one of the crossbones on Skull Island.
Behind Rusto's island.
Sir Scoffsalot.jpg
Sir Scoffsalot
Next to a pond on Skull Island.
Sir Shootsalot Render.png
Sir Shootsalot
Beside of Rextro on Skull Island.
Lady Lootsalot
Inside of a small hut blocked by large boulders on Skull Island.
Lady Leap-A-Lot.png
Lady Leapalot
On top of a raised area of Skull Island.
In the water near the Lighthouse.
Shovel Knight.jpg
Shovel Knight
Inside of a cave on the Skull Island.

Location of Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Pagies[edit | edit source]



  1. The space rig.
  2. Retrieve the Pagie from the Lunar Lockup:
  3. The lighthouse.
  4. At the end of the red laser challenge in Cosmic Cavern


  1. Collect all five Ghost Writers:
  2. Complete the Kartos Challenge: Collect 175 Minecart Gems.
  3. Defeat Planette:
  4. In the upper dome of the Under Pressure Dome, complete a swimming challenge.
  5. In the lower dome of the Under Pressure Dome, navigate a gauntlet full of switches and Corplet Security,
  6. Complete the Star Fishing Minigame with the Blamphibian Angler:
  7. Buddy Slam the test of strength switch by the Blamphibian Recruiter as Metal Yooka:
  8. Pagie Piece Quest:
  9. Melt the ice cube on Rusto's hand to reveal a Pagie:
  10. Complete the Schell's mission: Use your sonar shield ability to power down the sheilds
  11. Turn on the lamp for the Captain while in the Captain's cabin:
  12. Make it to the end of the Velocity Terminal:
  13. Complete the Space Plumbing mission:
  14. Complete the hoop challenge in Spacecog Station:
  15. Outside of Spacecog Station, move the energy ball onto the pressure switch.
  16. Retrieve the keys from the Knights of Hamalot for Shovel Knight:
  17. Race Nimble: Must be transformed
  18. Complete the Black Hole in One course in less than 2 minutes.
  19. Win at Rextro's UpNova
  20. Beat Rextro's high score in UpNova
  21. Collect all 200 quills.

Quills[edit | edit source]


* Velocity Terminal. (6)

* Entrance of the Hole in One. (4)

* Inside the Hole in One. (4)

* Inside glass box where the Health Extender is. (9)

* Inside the Cosmic Cavern (12)

* Inside the Captain's Cabin [in the chests] (5)

* On the Pirate Ship. (3)

* Pole of the Pirate Ship. (3)

* Above the Space Plumbing area within and above each of the outhouses. Doors to the outhouses will open when attacked. (10)

* In the red meteorite behind the world entrance [Need transformation]. (3)

Ghost Writers[edit | edit source]

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
Inside crater of the large moon above the entrance tome.
Inside of the Black Hole in One, in the oval room above everything.
Inside one of the ice meteors, Shoot with the flamethrower of the space ship
On top of the crane rig behind the destructible planets.
Inside the Lunar Lockup.

Other Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
The player must make their way to the large lighthouse. Laylee must then use the Flappy Flight ability to soar up to the very top of the lighthouse. Once the player makes it on top of the rotating light, the duo will then be able to collect the Mollycool.
Arcade Token.png
Play Coin
The play coin can be found at the very top of the mountain where Shovel Knight's cave is located.
Health Extender
It is hidden one level higher than the Pagie in the rising water puzzle area. Go through the upper dome of the Under Pressure Dome find the puzzle area.
Power Extender
While in the Cosmic Cavern, head down a long tube path. The player should come across a large rotating cylinder. The power extender is located on the stationary axle in the center of the spinning cylinder.
Pirate Treasure.png
Pirate Treasure
While in the Velocity Terminal, use the Flappy Flight ability to fly outside of the slides. The Pirate Treasure is located on top of the bottom-right planet.

Key #1

  • Yooka must use the Reptile Rush ability on Sir Scoffsalot's belly to induce him to drop his key from his pants' back pocket. Use this key to enter the gate.

Key #2

Key #3

Key #4

Minigames[edit | edit source]

  • Rextro's Arcade Machine - "Up 'N Nova"
  • Star Fishing

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Artwork[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The secret given by Inept in the Toybox is applied here. Buddy Slam the rock under the tree near the pirate ship and Inept will appear on the ship. It acts as a small easter egg, and has no actual purpose in game.
  • There was originally a Flappy Flight challenge in the level, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • If the player sails with the Space Ship Form all the way to the end of the boundaries, the player will revert and die. If the player starts sailing without expanding the world and from the Pagie Piece, the player can hear Rextro's arcade in the middle of nowhere. Also, as the player keep getting closer to the end of the world, the water texture disappears, which leaves the player sailing on air.
  • The overall level designer for Galleon Galaxy was Hamish Lockwood,[1] while Dean Wilson primarily worked on the art.[2]
    • Lockwood designed Galleon Galaxy so that during the pre-expanded form, the player would get accustomed to the central hub (the lighthouse) of the world first before expanding it. On top of the player being familiar with the lighthouse, the player would be able to use it as a reference point due to its height.[3]
      • Lockwood surrounded the starting island with rocks so that the player would see the lighthouse first, signaling the player to go there even if the world was expanded.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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