Glitterglaze Glacier is the second world found in Yooka-Laylee. It is an icy world with ice castles, igloos, ice caves, an underwater cave, and snowmen. Snow and icicles are scattered everywhere.

Expanding this world will unlock the Icymetric Palace.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Abilities Learned[edit | edit source]

Trowzer can be found on a small island near the edge of the lake.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Location of Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Location
Near the Hoops Challenge. East of Vendi.
Vendi Transparent.png
Directly north of the world's spawn point, past Normy.

A second Vendi can be found inside the entrance of Icymetric Palace.

Dr. Puzz.png
Dr. Puzz
On the shore of the Glittertrio Towers Near the back corner of Glitterglaze shore below the east tower by the hill that contains the Googly Eyes and quills.
Rextro Sixtyfourus
Inside the Icymetric Palace
On the shore of Pentagonal Peak and on the opposite side across the small wooden dock. Kartos is hiding around a few rocks near the cannonballs.
Located on Glittertrio Towers. On top of a platform on the path to the tower. Standing next to a Pagie in a Cagie.
Clara Body-0.png
Clara Lost
High up on the Igloo Cliffs.
Bath Tub.png
Near a dead end in the Icymetric Palace.
On the path to the right inside the Icymetric Palace.

Snowmen[edit | edit source]

Character Location
Cowboy Snowman Cropped.png
Cowboy Snowman
Inside the back of Glitterglaze Cave, which is located inside of a river on top of the Igloo Cliffs.
Naked Snowman Cropped.png
Naked Snowman
At the end of the Frozen Path, right next to the entrance of the Igloo Cliffs.
Shiver E. Timbers.png
Shiver E. Timbers
Below the side cliffs of the World on a small island close to the Glitterglaze Shore.
Witch Snowman.png
Witch Snowman
In the middle of Crystalline Cave by a pillar with a Scorchberry and a Frostberry next to the pillar,
Classy Snowman Cropped.png
Classy Snowman
On the corner of the Igloo Cliffs by the igloos and the edge of the cliff.

Locations of Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Pagies[edit | edit source]



  1. Light up all 5 torches in the Frozen Path: Up a hill past the spawn area (near Vendi) is an area with a thin ice path and a fire pit. The area with the cold path will hurt the duo if they enter. However, if the player has the Slurp State ability, they can lick the fire pit to become Fire Yooka, and they can freely enter the area. There are unlit fire pits and Yooka can light by standing on top of it and they act as checkpoints so Yooka can lick the fire pit again if he were to lose the ability. After all of the fire pits are lit, a Pagie will appear at the exit, and the duo can freely roam the room without taking damage.
  2. Rescue Potty Mouth: Clara's 'antique' named Potty Mouth needs to be rescued on top of the Igloo Cliffs. By destroyed the five igloos - all of which contains baddies such as Corplet Drones or Googly Eyes - Yooka and Laylee will receive a Pagie from Clara.
  3. Solve the Crystalline Cave Ice Puzzle: Complete the glowing crystal puzzle to receive a Pagie. This can be done inside of Crystalline Cave where the 7 giant clear crystals are, and the 7 small colored crystal are. The 7 small colored crystals glow in a certain order. Laylee can use her Sonar Shot ability on the bigger crystals in the same order of glow of the 7 small colored crystals. Doing this will reward the player with a Pagie.
  4. Hover Hoop Challenge: Complete the Hoops Challenge on the near Trowzer, on the side of the Glitterglaze Lake. Once the player presses the button, they will have 45 seconds to jump through every hoop. Once completed, the Cage will open, revealing the Pagie.
  5. Find the Snowmen's Clothing: Locate the five hats for the Snowmen in snow piles as a Snowplough. Location of hats here
  6. Climb Pentagonal Peak: Pentagonal Peak challenges the duo with windy hills caused by multiple Mr. Blowys'. A button a located on the bottom of the hill near Kartos. After the button is pressed, another button will arise to be pressed as well. Before using the Lizard Leap onto the next platform, the player has the option to to use the Slurp State ability on a cannonball on the corner of the shore to turn into Metal Yooka to surpass the heavy winds. However, this is not required since the Mr. Blowys' stop for a few seconds after blowing wind. The second button is located on top of the first Mr. Blowy. Once the second button is pressed, another button will arise to be pressed. Once the third button is pressed, the final button will arise to be pressed. Once the fourth and final button has been pressed, the Pagie in a Cagie will open, and the Pagie will be available for the duo to collect.
  7. Complete the Kartos Challenge: During the Kartos Challenge, the player must collect 100 Minecart Gems during the challenge in order to receive a Pagie. This specific Kartos Challenge allows the player to learn that they can jump on top of Corplet Drones for gain more height.
  8. Traverse through Gloomy Gem Grotto: Gloomy Gem Grotto is a dark cavern that can be challenging due to the lighting, controls, and Power Meter limits. By using the Slurp State ability on the nearby Fireflies, Yooka will become luminous and his glow will allow the player to see everything in a short radius.. After the first section, the player will be forced to use the Reptile Roll due to the slippery ice. By the end of the whole obstacle, the player will be able to open the Pagie in a Cagie, as well as being able to open up a shortcut to the entrance.
  9. Sculpt the Capital B Statue for Planker: Planker needs Yooka and Laylee's help to clear up the rocks on the Capital B statue. The rocks can be removed by grabbing the Bomberries in the west tower, which is the tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave. After slurping the Bomberries, the duo should travel quickly to the statue and shoot bombs at the square rocks. However, some rocks are too high. The top rocks can be reached either by jumping off a hovering platform and glide while shooting bombs at the top rocks, or by climbing onto Capital B's hand after the lower rocks have been cleared by using the Lizard Leap and shooting the rocks from there. After doing this, the duo will be rewarded with a Pagie.
  10. Jump over dice symbols platforms: Near Shiver E. Timbers, there are platforms with dice symbols on them. Jump on the four platforms to get the Pagie
  11. Flying Hoop Challenge: (needs at least one ability from later game) Use the Flappy Flight ability to fly through the hoops in the time limit. The Challenge is located in the rock face near Clara.
  12. Collect all 5 Ghost Writers: Find and collect all five Ghost Writers.


  1. Rextro's Arcade Challenge: From the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the right, roll under the falling spikes and go to the left to meet Rextro’s arcade. Beat Rextro's Glaciators at the arcade machine after collecting a Play Coin. The minigame requires the duo to defeat hordes of enemies and survive until the timer runs out.
  2. Rextro's High-Score Challenge: After beating Glaciators once, the duo must complete the minigame a second time with a score higher than 1400 points.
  3. Icymetric Palace – Spikes walls: From the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the right, roll under the falling spikes and go to the right again. There will be a long hallway with sliding spikes walls. Jump over each wall to get to the end of the hallway and have the Pagie
  4. Icymetric Palace – Sonar Shot the statues: After expanding the world, go to the new unlocked area underwater to access the lower Icymetric Palace. Hit the switch and Sonar Shot all the statues. Swim through the door at the bottom of the room to have the Pagie
  5. Icymetric Palace – Assist Tubbz: (needs at least one ability from later game) Have Yooka use his Buddy Bubble ability repeatedly while being inside of Tubbz. He is located in the lower Icymetric Palace area and Yooka must have defeated Brrreeze Blok first to access the room.
  6. Icymetric Palace – Frozen Pagie: From the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the left twice. Create a path to the vent by Buddy Slamming the non-broken light purple blocks in the room. The player must have defeated Brrreeze Blok first to have the vent blowing.
  7. Icymetric Palace – Acid Path Pagie: After the room of the Frozen Pagie, the player must traverse an acid lake on a moving flying platform. The Pagie is at the end of the path.
  8. Icymetric Palace – Camo Cloak Pagie: (needs at least one ability from later game) After the acid lake, hit the switch to do the Hoops Challenge and unlock the next room. The player will arrive in a labyrinth and will have to do the right choice between three exits. Use the Sonar Shot in front of each exit to hear which one is the correct one. Repeat this five times in total. The solution is to go : right, right, top, left, top. After the labyrinth, move the ice block into the sun light. Use Camo Cloak to fire a lazer directly into the cage to get the Pagie.
  9. Icymetric Palace – Dark Room Quiz Pagie: From the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the left and then on the upper right exit of the room. Cross Mr. Blowys room without falling. After that, Sonar Shot the statue and shoot all the targets to open the path. The player will arrive in a dark room: Icymetric Quiz Room. The player will be asked by the Pagie to answer 3 questions. For the full list of questions and answers, click here.
  10. Defeat Brrreeze Blok: After expanding the world, from the main entrance of the Icymetric Palace, go to the right and then to the left exit accessible by a flying platform. Cross the wooden bridge. Hit the switch and do the Hoops Challenge to explode the next door. In the next room, use Splashberries to extinguish the fire and Scorchberries to melt the ice block and hit the switch. Continue the path by spreading water on the fire platforms. The player will arrive in Burnie’s room. Speak to him to fight Brrreeze Blok. Defeat him for the Pagie
  11. Icymetric Palace – Burnie’s Room: In Burnie’s room, after the duo defeated Brrreeze Blok, double jump on the vent to get the Pagie
  12. Icymetric Palace – Pipes: After defeating Brrreeze Blok, go back into the Boss room and glide the slope. Roll on the moving pipes to get the Pagie at the end of the room.
  13. Collect all 200 Quills: Collect all 200 Glitterglaze Glacier Quills.

Quills[edit | edit source]



  1. World Entrance Wall (3): Inside the very first room where theeplayer spawns Glacier are 3 Quills inside of the ice walls.
  2. World Entrance Upper Path (3): Inside the very first room where the player spawns is an upper path that leads into the Crystalline Cave. Along that path are 3 Quills.
  3. Hallway to the Outside (3): There is a hallway for the exit of the spawn room that the duo may use the Glide ability to get across. On a small lifted block are 3 Quills.
  4. Outside Entrance (9): There are 3 sets of 3 Quills outside of the world entrance room. 3 of which are on the bottom floor near Vendi, and 3 Quills are on the upper path that leads to the Frozen Path. 3 more Quills can be found near the upper path at the entrance that leads to Normy.
  5. Crystalline Cave (9): In the Crystalline Cave, 3 quills are found by the Pagie at the crystal puzzle, and 6 are found in the back on the icy ramp.
  6. Frozen Path Lower Floor (5): On the lower floor of the Frozen Path are in total 5 Quills. 3 on the way to the first checkpoint campfire, and 2 on the way to the second checkpoint campfire.
  7. Frozen Path Upper Floor (7): On the upper floor of the Frozen Path are in total 7 Quills. 1 above the hovering platform, 2 on the incredibly thin platform to the first checkpoint campfire of that floor, 1 Quill on path to the exit, and 3 Quills on the exit path to the Igloo Cliffs
  8. Igloo Cliffs (14): On the bridge above the small lake on the Igloo Cliffs are 3 Quills, and three more quills are in the river beneath the bridge going into the Glitterglaze Cave. 5 more quills are on top of the five igloos, 1 quill for each igloo. On the ramp that Clara's on contains 3 Quills.
  9. Back of the Underwater Cave (3): An underwater cave known as the Glitterglaze Cave contains Quills. The cave is located on top of the Igloo Cliffs underwater at the end of the river At the end of the cave, three quills sit on the same ramp to the right of the Cowboy Snowman.
  10. Path to the Glitterglaze Shore (6): On the path to the Glitterglaze Shore from the area across the world entrance splits into two paths: a small bridge to [[Trowzer, and a path to the shore. Each path contains 3 Quills each.
  11. Inside of the holes of ice (3): On the Glitterglaze shore near the three towers is a patch of ice near one of the entrances to the Crystalline Cave. There are occasional holes that contain quills in them.
  12. Rock Platform (4): On top of a rock platform located at the back of the Glitterglaze shore near the three towers, and near Dr. Puzz are Googly Eyes and objects that they can attach to. 4 quills are located around the platform.
  13. Path to the Igloo Cliffs (3): Near Dr. Puzz On the Glitterglaze shore under the three towers is a path that leads to the shortcut of the Igloo Cliffs. On the border walls of the path are 3 quills.
  14. Path to the trio towers (2): On the path to the Glittertrio Towers are two quills, one on each platform. One of which is located on near the barrels and the Googly Eyes, and another located on the same platform as Planker
  15. East Tower (2): At the beginning of the ice path to the Glittertrio east tower is one Quill. On the tower itself contains a single Quills in front of the frozen Fee-Dee.
  16. Around the Capital B statue (5): Around the Capital B statue are 5 quills near the Glittertrio middle tower.
  17. Middle Tower (1): In front of the rocks/Mollycool is a singular quill on the GlitterTrio middle tower.
  18. West Tower (3): Near the snow pile near the GlitterTrio west tower and near the hovering platforms is a singular quill. On the platform on the way to the west tower is another quill. On the west tower in front of the Bomberry is a singular quill.
  19. Icymetric Path (16): On the Icymetric Path, there are 3 quills on the first part of the ramp before you hit the slippery ice, 4 at the top of this section, 4 on the platform with the 2nd bee hive, and 5 on the last section just before the door to the Icymetric Palace.
  20. Gate Overlooking Glittertrio Towers (3): After the first section of the Icymetric Path, to your right, you can jump to another cliff. On the side that overlooks the three towers is 3 quills.
  21. At the Dice Platforms (3): As you jump from one dice platform to another (near Shiver E. Timbers snowman), you can obtain 3 quills.
  22. Underwater off the Glitterglaze Shore (6): You can find 3 quills in the middle of the three pillars of ice and 3 in front of the underwater entrance to the Icymetric Palace.
  23. Glitterglaze Shore North of Trowzer (8): If you are looking at Trowzer, face left and you will see platforms on the cliff of ice. Follow these to find 5 quills and then there is a vertical line of 3 quills right where Heidi is.
  24. Pentagonal Peak (4): While climbing the Pentagonal Peak (near Kartos and where the Mr. Blowys are), 4 quills are found.
  25. Gloomy Gem Grotto (22): A total of 22 quills can be found in the Gloomy Gem Grotto. They are all just right along the main path.


  1. Main Entrance of the Icymetric Palace (3): There are 3 quills in the first room of the Icymetric Palace when entering from the top.
  2. Next room to the right of the entrance (2): In the first room to the right of the main entrance, where there is the line of falling spikes, there are 2 quills.
  3. Moving Spikey Walls room (3): From the entrance, go right, then past the falling spikes continue straight, and you will be in the sliding spikey walls room.
  4. Rextro's Arcade Room (5): From the entrance, go right, then past the falling spikes, take the first left and you will be in Rextro's Arcade room.
  5. Path to the Brrreeze Blok fight (7): From the entrance, go right, then go up to the next level using the floating platform, complete the hoop challenge room, and you will be in a room with smily platforms, a frozen button, scorch berries, and splash berries. There are a total of 7 quills in this room.
  6. Burnie's Room (3): After the room above, you will be able to collect the 3 quills inside Burnie's room.
  7. Rotating Pipes Room (4): After the Brrreeze Blok fight, you will have access to the next room, which has rotating pipes and a total of 4 quills.
  8. Mr. Blowy Room (3): From the main entrance, go left, then up the wooden stairs then right to be on the same level as the Mr. Blowys. There are 2 quills up here, and 1 on the first level of the room. Note: if you have Flappy Flight, you can just go through the top doorway of the main entrance.
  9. Corplet Target Room (3): From the Mr. Blowy room, go through the top doorway where the sleeping totem/corplet target challenge are. There are 3 quills in this room.
  10. First Room to the left of the entrance (3): From the main entrance, go left and there are 3 quills in this room.
  11. Frozen Pagie Room (2): From the main entrance go left to get to the frozen Pagie. There are 2 quills in this room.
  12. Bottom of the Acid Path (3): After the frozen pagie room, you will come across the Acid Path. At the very bottom of this room there are 3 quills.
  13. Labyrinth (8): After the Acid Path, you will face a hoop challenge. After this, you will get to a labyrinth with 5 rooms. There is 1 quill in each of these rooms, then 3 in the last room where the Pagie is.
  14. Room with first Pagie from the bottom entrance (1): From the bottom entrance, after you awaken the sleeping totems in the first room, the next room has 1 quill.
  15. Tubbz's Room (3): from the bottom entrance, continue on until you reach Tubbz's room and there will be 3 quills.

Ghost Writers[edit | edit source]

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
Outside of the world entrance room near Vendi. There is an upper path that Vendi is against that leads to the Frozen Path. Around the entrance of the Frozen Path are a few ice block steps and a fire. Yooka can use the Slurp State ability to become Fire Yooka to go through the fire blocking the entrance after the ice block steps. Once the duo go through the fire, they'll slide down into an area with Normy in it.
On the second floor of the Frozen Path. It is recommended to collect Ann-Gree after the room has been warmed up to prevent the player from taking any unnecessary damage.
In an underwater cave known as the Glitterglaze Cave, located on top of the Igloo Cliffs. The underwater cave is entrance is at the start of the river.
Underneath the water. Follow the vertical Quills trail.
Inside of the East Tower inside an ice cube. Use Laylee's Sonar 'Splosion from Moodymaze Marsh to break the ice cube. After the ice is broken, collect a Bomberry from the west tower - the tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave. Once the player slurps the Bomberry, they will have 20 seconds to bring it over to Fee-Dee to feed him. Once fed, Fee-Dee will turn green, allowing the player to collect him.

Other Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
It is in the middle tower of the Glittertrio Towers. The Mollycool is covered by rocks, but the rocks can be destroyed by collecting a Bomberry in the tower next to the middle tower. The tower that has Bomberries contains Snow Corplets guarding the top area, and the tower is located closest to the Crystalline Cave. Once the player Slurps the Bomberry, the duo has 20 seconds to travel to the middle tower and shoot a Bomberry at the rocks. Once this is done, the player may freely collect the Mollycool.
Arcade Token.png
Play Coin
Found in the Icymetric Palace in the next room after the player gets to Rextro. It is the only coin rotating the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) to the other ones.
Health Extender
Obtainable after defeating Brrreeze Blok. This collectible is in the main entrance to the Icymetric Palace. Yooka and Laylee can glide over a vent to fly up to a few floating platforms which ultimately lead them to the Health Extender.
Power Extender
On an icy hill hiding behind a Mr. Blowy inside of the Crystalline Cave.
Pirate Treasure.png
Pirate Treasure
Inside the Gloomy Gem Grotto. At the end of the cave where you slide down the icy ramp onto the moving platform. When you are at the top of the ramp looking down, jump across the gap to your right where the rock formation is. Jump over the taller rock and it will be sitting on the lower rock on the other side.

Hats[edit | edit source]

The hats are found inside of piles of snow scattered about the world. The hats are unearthed by charging into the piles as the Snowplough Form.

Hat Location
Cowboy Hat.png
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat Location:

Underneath a pile of snow near Vendi, who is located below the Frozen Path entrance, and across the world entrance.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has transformed into the Snowplough, they can access the pile of by one of two ways: traveling through the Crystalline Cave to Vendi, or going through shortcut to the Igloo Cliffs, and carefully making the duo's way down the Frozen Path. However, it's recommended to take the path through the Crystalline Cave since going through the Frozen Path is longer and riskier since the player can fall into the water and the transformation will be undone.

Snowman: The Snowman for the corresponding Cowboy Hat can be found inside of Glitterglaze Cave, which is located inside of a river on top of the Igloo Cliffs. At the end of the cave, the Cowboy Snowman can be found on a small ramp.

Pants Location: Underneath a pile of snow on one of the high platforms near the west Glittertrio Tower, which is a tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave.

Method of Retrieval: After transforming into the Snowplough Form, the player can climb up the Glittertrio Towers through the thin icy paths and hovering platforms to retrieve the pants.

Snowman: Once the pants is collected, the player can return to the Naked Snowman, who's located at the end of the Frozen Path near the entrance of the Igloo Cliffs

Tricorn Location: Underneath a pile of snow on top of the side cliffs connected to the Icymetric Path, guarded by Googly Eyes.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has transformed into a Snowplough, the duo can travel towards the Icymetric Palace on the Icymetric Path. Once the player makes their way around the tower that the path curves around, the player can split off to the right and jump onto a hovering platform that leads to the side cliffs to rush into the snow pile to collect the Tricorn.

Snowman: Shiver E. Timbers is located below the side cliffs where the tricorn was collected on a small island close to the Glittertrio Towers.

Witch Hat.png
Witch Hat
Witch Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow located on top of the Igloo Cliffs in between the entrance of the Glitterglaze Cave and the Frozen Path's exit.

Method of Retrieval: In the player's Snowplough Form, they can take the shortcut to the Igloo Cliffs located at the Glitterglaze Shore by Dr. Puzz to get to the pile of snow which is by the river.

Snowman: The Witch Snowman is located in the middle of Crystalline Cave by a pillar with a Scorchberry and a Frostberry next to the pillar.

Top Hat.png
Top Hat
Top Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow in Crystalline Cave where the path splits in three with Googly Eyes guarding the pile of snow.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has turned into a Snowplough, the player can travel into Crystalline Cave - located near the end of Glitterglaze Shore by the icy floor. Once the player enters the cave, they will be greeted by Googly Eyes and the snowpile close to the googly eyes.

Snowman: The Classy Snowman is located on the corner of the Igloo Cliffs by the igloos and the edge of the cliff.

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  • Glitterglaze Glacier was inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, after one developer's daughter being an avid fan.

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