The name "Glitterglaze Lake" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

Glitterglaze Lake is a large lake in the central area of Glitterglaze Glacier. In the middle of the lake are giant columns that hold up the slippery Icymetric Path that leads to Icymetric Palace. The lake is the biggest feature that the world has to offer.

The lake rests on the world's south-side shore near Glittertrio Towers, and the north-side's giant rock wall which hosts the Igloo Cliffs on top of it. On the north-east side next to Igloo Cliffs on the sea-level is Pentagonal Peak, and on the west side contains a rocky bridge that connects the area across from the world entrance, to Glittertrio Towers. Trowzer can be found on a small island with ice crystals close to the west rocky bridge.

Chunks of ice are connected from the west side to the north side, and on the north side below Igloo Cliffs in between two small pillars under the water, a familiar ghost is hiding there.

Underneath the water near the west side of Glittertrio Towers, an open entrance to Gloomy Gem Grotto is found here, and an underwater secondary entrance to Icymetric Palace can be found underneath the palace itself.

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Character Location
Shiver E. Timbers
Shiver E. Timbers
Below the Palace Gates where the tricorn was collected on a small island close to the Glittertrio Towers.

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  1. West-side Rocky Bridge Hoop Challenge: On the west-side of the map, a button lies on a rock. Once pressed using the Buddy Slam] ability, multiple hoops and Smiley Platforms will appear. Once the player goes through every hoop, the Pagie in a Cagie will open, allowing the player to collect the Pagie.
  2. Palace Gates Platforming Challenge: On the east side are two tall towers acting as a gate. Inside of it are four numbered Smiley Platforms. When then player steps on the first one, the second platform will appear and move side to side. Once the player jumps off, the second platform will stop. The trick is to stand on the first platform and jump off once the second platform is in a reachable place that the player can jump too. After this, there are two more platform where the same pattern applies. Once the player steps onto the last platform, the Pagie in a Cagie will at the end of the room, allowing the player to collect a Pagie.

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  1. West-Side Rocky Bridge (3): On the west-side of the world near Trowzer on the rocks that lead to the Glittertrio Towers, there are 3 quills on the rocks, 1 quill per rock.
  2. Wooden Bridge to Trowzer (3): The wooden bridge leading to Trowzer contains 3 quills.
  3. Ice platforms on the water (5): Around the area with Vendi in the water towards the north side of the world, there are multiple ice platforms that lead to the area below Igloo Cliffs. Four of the platforms are attached to the wall, and 1 platform isn't, and each platform contains a singular quill.
  4. Heidi's Hiding Spot (3): Below Igloo Cliffs is Heidi's Hiding Spot with 3 Quills in a vertical formation leading into the water.
  5. Underwater Entrance of Icymetric Palace (3): The underwater entrance to Icymetric Palace contains 3 quills in front of the entrance.
  6. Middle of Three Pillars Underwater (3): Across from the entrance of the underwater entrance of Icymetric Palace, underwater in between 3 giant supporting pillars are 3 Quills in the shape of a triangle
  7. Palace Gates Platforms (3): On the east side of the world are two towers that are connected as a gate and it holds a platforming challenge involving numbered Smiley Platforms. On the way to the Pagie inside of the gates are 3 Quills.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer Location
Underwater on the north side of the lake below the Igloo Cliffs. Heidi is invisible on top of a brick platform on the ground in between two. However, to reveal Heidi, the player must have:
  1. The Sonar Shot ability to reveal Heidi
  2. The Bubble Buddy ability to use the Sonar Shot ability underwater
This specific Heidi challenge is trickier since Heidi changes her spot. Every 12 seconds, she will quickly turn visible and then immediately invisible and rush to a new hiding spot. If the player quickly sees her, it is recommended that the player uses the Sonar Shot ability everywhere but there since Heidi has already changed her location.
Heidi's Quills

3 Quills in a vertical formation that lead down to Heidi's hiding spot

Note that Heidi does not hide in the middle of the fallen brick platform, but she hides around the perimeter of the platform.

Tip: The best way to reveal Heidi in this location is for the player to stand in the middle of the platform and quickly spin while constantly using the Sonar Shot repeatedly until Heidi is revealed.

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