The name "Glittertrio Towers" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

Glittertrio Towers, also could be known as Glitterglaze Shore, is an area in Glitterglaze Glacier located on the shore of the Glitterglaze Lake on the opposite side of the location of the Igloo Cliffs. The area contains icy floors and thawed grass with a snowy shore. Three tall towers are located here in a line formation, and each tower owns its own unique item inside of it. This general area also has an icy road that leads to the Icymetric Palace.

Near Dr. Puzz is a path that leads to the shortcut of the Igloo Cliffs.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Snowy shore
  • Path to the tower
    • Planker is located on the path to the towers.
  • East Tower
    • Fee-Dee is located inside of an ice cube in here
  • Middle Tower
    • The world's Mollycool is located inside of a pile rocks inside of the tower
  • West Tower
    • A Bomberry bush is located inside of the tower here.
  • Igloo Cliffs Shortcut

Location of Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Location
Dr. Puzz.png
Dr. Puzz
Near the back corner of Glitterglaze shore below the east tower by the hill that contains the Googly Eyes and quills.
On top of a platform on the path to the tower. Standing next to a Pagie in a Cagie.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Pagies[edit | edit source]



  1. Sculpt the Capital B Statue for Planker: Planker needs Yooka's and Laylee's help to clear up the rocks on the Capital B statue. The rocks can be removed by grabbing the Bomberries in the west tower, which is the tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave. After slurping the Bomberries, the duo should travel quickly to the statue and shoot bombs at the square rocks. However, some rocks are too high. The top rocks can be reached either by jumping off a hovering platform and glide while shooting bombs at the top rocks, or by climbing onto Capital B's hand after the lower rocks have been cleared by using the Lizard Leap and shooting the rocks from there. After doing this, the duo will be rewarded with a Pagie.

Quills[edit | edit source]



  1. Inside of the holes of ice (3): On the shore is a patch of ice near one of the entrances to the Crystalline Cave. There are occasional holes that contain quills in them.
  2. Rock Platform (4): On top of a rock platform located at the back of the shore near Dr. Puzz are Googly Eyes and objects that they can attach to. 4 quills are located around the platform.
  3. Path to the Igloo Cliffs (3): Near Dr. Puzz is a path that leads to the shortcut of the Igloo Cliffs. On the border walls of the path are 3 quills.
  4. Path to the trio towers (2): On the path to the trio tower are two quills, one on each platform. One of which is located on near the barrels and the Googly Eyes, and another located on the same platform as Planker
  5. East Tower (2): At the beginning of the ice path to the east tower is one Quill. On the tower itself contains a single Quills in front of the frozen Fee-Dee.
  6. Around the Capital B statue (5): Around the Capital B statue are 5 quills near the middle tower.
  7. Middle Tower (1): In front of the rocks/Mollycool is a singular quill on the middle tower.
  8. West Tower (3): Near the snow pile near the west tower and near the hovering platforms is a singular quill. On the platform on the way to the west tower is another quill. On the west tower in front of the Bomberry is a singular quill.

Ghost Writers[edit | edit source]

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
Inside of the East Tower inside an ice cube. Use Laylee's Sonar 'Splosion from Moodymaze Marsh to break the ice cube. After the ice is broken, collect a Bomberry from the west tower - the tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave. Once the player slurps the Bomberry, they will have 20 seconds to bring it over to Fee-Dee to feed him. Once fed, Fee-Dee will turn green, allowing the player to collect him.

Other Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
It is in the middle tower of the Glittertrio Towers. The Mollycool is covered by rocks, but the rocks can be destroyed by collecting a Bomberry in the tower next to the middle tower. The tower that has Bomberries contains Snow Corplets guarding the top area, and the tower is located closest to the Crystalline Cave. Once the player Slurps the Bomberry, the duo has 20 seconds to travel to the middle tower and shoot a Bomberry at the rocks. Once this is done, the player may freely collect the Mollycool.

Hats[edit | edit source]

Hat Location
Pants Location: Underneath a pile of snow on one of the high platforms near the west Glittertrio Tower, which is a tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave.

Method of Retrieval: After transforming into the Snowplough Form, the player can climb up the Glittertrio Towers through the thin icy paths and hovering platforms to retrieve the pants.

Snowman: Once the pants is collected, the player can return to the Naked Snowman, who's located at the end of the Frozen Path near the entrance of the Igloo Cliffs

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