Grand Tomes are books in Hivory Towers and are used as a way to travel from Hivory Towers into the game's respective areas. Once Yooka and Laylee stand on a Pagie Pedestal, they can speak to the Grand Tomes. A Pagie will then ask if they want to expand the world for a specific price of at least two Pagies more than the original unlock cost, the player can wait to expand the world for any period of time desired. Each book's design cover is related to the theme of that world.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Grand Tomes were originally written by the Ghost Writers when they were alive. The Grand Tomes have the power to create worlds, and they possess the power for others enter those worlds. When a world in the Grand Tome is created, the world is created physically within the Yooka-Laylee universe.

It's unknown how the Grand Tomes were acquired by Hivory Towers, but when the tomes were taken into the tower, the tomes themselves were upset of being within Capital B's power and each tome dispersed some of its assets into Hivory Towers. The tomes were dispersed throughout the tower for Dr. Quack's Corplets to enter them in and out in order to search for the One Book. In order to access the tomes, Capital B uses the Pagie Pedestals to enter the tomes.

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  • There is a sixth book that is never accessed in normal gameplay. It is the green book that Capital B and Dr. Quack get sucked into, and it has Tribalstack Tropic's pattern on it. It has been confirmed that the reason why it shares the same design as Tribalstack Tropics was due to time restraints, and has been confirmed to not be Tribalstack Tropics' Grand Tome.

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