Hats are items that the Yooka and Laylee must retrieve for various Snowmen found within Glitterglaze Glacier. To find the clothes, the player must plow the large piles of snow using the Snowplough Form. Once all the clothes are collected, the player can return the clothes to the corresponding snowmen.

List of Hats[edit | edit source]

Hat Location
Cowboy Hat.png
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat Location:

Underneath a pile of snow near Vendi, who is located below the Frozen Path entrance, and across the world entrance.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has transformed into the Snowplough, they can access the pile of by one of two ways: traveling through the Crystalline Cave to Vendi, or going through shortcut to the Igloo Cliffs, and carefully making the duo's way down the Frozen Path. However, it's recommended to take the path through the Crystalline Cave since going through the Frozen Path is longer and riskier since the player can fall into the water and the transformation will be undone.

Snowman: The Snowman for the corresponding Cowboy Hat can be found inside of Glitterglaze Cave, which is located inside of a river on top of the Igloo Cliffs. At the end of the cave, the Cowboy Snowman can be found on a small ramp.

Pants Location: Underneath a pile of snow on one of the high platforms near the west Glittertrio Tower, which is a tower located closest to the Crystalline Cave.

Method of Retrieval: After transforming into the Snowplough Form, the player can climb up the Glittertrio Towers through the thin icy paths and hovering platforms to retrieve the pants.

Snowman: Once the pants are collected, the player can return to the Naked Snowman, who's located at the end of the Frozen Path near the entrance of the Igloo Cliffs.

Tricorn Location: Underneath a pile of snow on top of the side cliffs connected to the Icymetric Path, guarded by Googly Eyes.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has transformed into a Snowplough, the duo can travel towards the Icymetric Palace on the Icymetric Path. Once the player makes their way around the tower that the path curves around, the player can split off to the right and jump onto a hovering platform that leads to the side cliffs to rush into the snow pile to collect the Tricorn.

Snowman: Shiver E. Timbers is located below the side cliffs where the tricorn was collected on a small island close to the Glittertrio Towers.

Witch Hat.png
Witch Hat
Witch Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow located on top of the Igloo Cliffs in between the entrance of the Glitterglaze Cave and the Frozen Path's exit.

Method of Retrieval: In the player's Snowplough Form, they can take the shortcut to the Igloo Cliffs located at the Glitterglaze Shore by Dr. Puzz to get to the pile of snow which is by the river.

Snowman: The Witch Snowman is located in the middle of Crystalline Cave by a pillar with a Scorchberry and a Frostberry next to the pillar.

Top Hat.png
Top Hat
Top Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow in Crystalline Cave where the path splits in three with Googly Eyes guarding the pile of snow.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has turned into a Snowplough, the player can travel into Crystalline Cave - located near the end of Glitterglaze Shore by the icy floor. Once the player enters the cave, they will be greeted by Googly Eyes and the snowpile close to the googly eyes.

Snowman: The Classy Snowman is located on the corner of the Igloo Cliffs by the igloos and the edge of the cliff.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The hats can vary depending on the type. The array of hats that the player collects consist of; a black and white top hat, a brown cowboy hat, a black pirate hat and a black witch hat. While on the other hand, the pants are mainly green with a small, purple, square-shaped patch, as well as a brown belt and red trim around the legs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The pants are a recolored version of Trowzer's shorts.
  • On rare occasions, enemies in Yooka-Laylee can be found wearing a pair of pants on their head as well.
    • Adding pants in certain places in Yooka-Laylee could possibly be an ongoing joke within the Playtonic Games community, and the Rare community.
      • During Playstation Access at EGX 2016, Chris Sutherland explained that the joke originated from a common complaint from the Yooka-Laylee community regarding Yooka's lack of clothing during the initial reveal of Yooka and Laylee[1], The coloration of the pants and the frequency at which his lack of pants is mentioned by Playtonic also supports this being the case.
      • The joke may also be intended as a reference to a character known as "Mr. Pants", a mascot for Rareware's official website (who would later receive his own game, the 2005 title It's Mr. Pants! for the Game Boy Advance).
        • The older members of Rareware have consistently added Mr. Pants cameos in their older titles such as a few cameos in Banjo-Tooie, Jet Force Gemini, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Viva Piñata, and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
      • During an interview at EGX, a Corplet was spotted with pants on his head. A lady asked "Why isn't Yooka wearing any pantsDid the minions steal them?" Sutherland then responded with "just play the game and you'll find out," foreshadowing the pants' use in the game.
        • It turns out that the final Play Tonic that the duo gets gives Yooka a pair of pants, proving what Chris Sutherland said about pants being in the game.
      • Yooka and Laylee even make a special guest appearance in Brief Battles, a game where players fight over pants.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Snowman (Cowboy).png Cowboy SnowmanSnowman (Pants).png Naked SnowmanSnowman (Pirate).png Shiver E. TimbersSnowman (Witch).png Witch Snowman

Snowman (Posh).png Classy Snowman

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