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Heidi is a light blue Ghost Writer who hides from Yooka and Laylee. Heidi will flicker its presence and create vocal cues to give the duo an opportunity to find it. Laylee must use her Sonar Shot ability to find and collect Heidi.

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Heidi is a blue umbrella-shaped Ghost Writer with a cape draped over half of its body. The ghost has two large black eyes with white pupils. Heidi's arms and tail poke out from underneath its cape.

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The name Heidi comes from the word "hide", which means to be put or keep out of sight, or to conceal from the view or notice of others, and Heidi, a female Swiss name.

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  • Despite the developers once referencing Heidi as a "she", the gender of all of the Ghost Writers is confirmed to be "non-specific" by Daley Johnson.[1]

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