Hoops are obstacles that Yooka and Laylee must physically pass through using their bodies to activate certain phenomena. These hoops appear when a button is pressed or when assigned a mini-game or mission.

When the player walks through a hoop, another hoop will appear, and sometimes, a body of land will appear as well, allowing the player to continue after walking through.

Hoops appear in Kartos challenges and Nimble races as well.

List of Hoop ChallengesEdit

The following are a list of hoop challenges, excluding Kartos and Nimble races.

Hivory Towers Edit

  • Underwater hoop challenge

Tribalstack Tropics Edit

Glitterglaze Glacier Edit

  • Near the Clara camp. 45 seconds, 13 hoops.

Moodymaze Marsh Edit

Capital Cashino Edit

Galleon Galaxy Edit


Hoops are red and white striped discs with googly eyes on its top.



Trivia Edit

  • Similar hoops made had originally appeared in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, except they lacked googly eyes.