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The Icymetric Palace is the large castle made of ice located in Glitterglaze Glacier. Once the world is expanded, two floating Glitterglaze Keys will unlock the entrances leading into the palace. Inside, the player's camera is set to an isometric view. There are two ways in - one at the end of the Icymetric Path and one at the bottom of Glitterglaze Lake. The interior is accessible only after the expansion of the Grand Tome.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The name "Icymetric Palace" is a play-on-words of the words, "icy," "isometric," and "palace." The camera view and interior designs of this building are isometric. A palace is "a large, splendid house." The exterior of the palace is partially covered in ice.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Pagies[edit | edit source]



  1. Icymetric Palace – Spikes walls: From the upper entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the right, roll under the falling spikes and go to the right again. There will be a long hallway with sliding spikes walls. Jump over each wall to get to the end of the hallway and have the Pagie
  2. Icymetric Palace – Sonar Shot the statues: After expanding the world, go to the new unlocked area underwater to access the lower Icymetric Palace. Hit the switch and Sonar Shot all the statues. Swim through the door at the bottom of the room to have the Pagie
  3. Icymetric Palace – Assist Tubbz: (needs at least one ability from later game) Have Yooka use his Buddy Bubble ability repeatedly while being inside of Tubbz. He is located in the lower Icymetric Palace area and Yooka must have defeated Brrreeze Blok first to access the room.
  4. Icymetric Palace – Frozen Pagie: From the upper entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the left twice. Create a path to the vent by Buddy Slamming the non-broken light purple blocks in the room. The player must have defeated Brrreeze Blok first to have the vent blowing.
  5. Icymetric Palace – Acid Path Pagie: After the room of the Frozen Pagie, the player must traverse an acid lake on a moving flying platform. The Pagie is at the end of the path.
  6. Icymetric Palace – Camo Cloak Pagie: (needs at least one ability from later game) After the acid lake, hit the switch to do the Hoops Challenge and unlock the next room. The player will arrive in a labyrinth and will have to do the right choice bewtween tree exits. Use the Sonar Shot in front of each exit to hear which one is the correct one. Repeat this five times in total. The solution is to go : right, right, top, left, top. After the labyrinth, move the ice block into the sun light. Use Camo Cloak to fire a lazer directly into the cage to get the Pagie.
  7. Icymetric Palace – Dark Room Quiz Pagie: From the upper entrance to the Icymetric Palace, go to the left and then on the upper right exit of the room. Cross Mr. Blowys room without falling. After that, Sonar Shot the statue and shoot all the targets to open the path. The player will arrive in a dark room: Icymetric Quiz Room. The player will be asked by the Pagie to answer 3 questions. For the full list of questions and answers, click here.
  8. Defeat Brrreeze Blok: After expanding the world, from the upper entrance of the Icymetric Palace, go to the right and then to the left exit accessible by a flying platform. Cross the wooden bridge. Hit the switch and do the Hoops Challenge to explode the next door. In the next room, use Splashberries to extinguish the fire and Scorchberries to melt the ice block and hit the switch. Continue the path by spreading water on the fire platforms. The player will arrive in Burnie’s room. Speak to him to fight Brrreeze Blok. Defeat him for the Pagie
  9. Icymetric Palace – Burnie’s Room: In Burnie’s room, after the duo defeated Brrreeze Blok, double jump on the vent to get the Pagie
  10. Icymetric Palace – Pipes: After defeating Brrreeze Blok, go back into the Boss room and glide the slope. Roll on the moving pipes to get the Pagie at the end of the room.

Quills[edit | edit source]



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Other Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
Arcade Token.png
Play Coin
Behind Rextro in a hole in the wall covered by some barrels. The play coin that is spinning clockwise is the real one.
Health Extender
After defeating Brrreeze Blok, in the first room in the upper level use the vent in the bottom left corner of the room to float up. Jump across the platforms to reach the health extender. Alternatively, you can just use Flappy Flight to fly up to it.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The outside of the Icymetric Palace was first revealed in the Gamescom 2016 Trailer.
  • The way the Icymetric Palace is unlocked with large ice keys is a direct reference to the Ice Keys found in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie

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