Jump is an ability that Yooka can use to get over or on obstacles.The jump can be linked with the Double Jump, the Air Attack, and the Buddy Slam.

Uses Edit

Jumping can be used to get on top of objects or to get over gaps.

Description Image
Vertical Distance Yooka can jump on top of objects, or jump over objects.
Jump - Vertical
Horizontal Distance Yooka can jump over gaps.
Jump - Horizontal

Abilities Edit

The following abilities require the jump ability to be performed first

Description Image
Double Jump The duo can jump a second time after performing their first jump.

The duo jump, but fails to climb on top of the object. They then use a double jump, and successfully climb on top of it.

Air Attack After jumping, the duo can attack in air, and hit any enemy in their path.
Air Attack Hit

The duo jump, and then attacks the Corplet with an air attack.

Buddy Slam When the player is in air, the duo can use the buddy slam ability to hit the ground hard. The duo do not have to jump in order to use this ability. However, in most cases, the duo will jump before using the Buddy Slam ability.

The duo using the Buddy Slam in the air to hit Blastooie



Press SPACE to jump.

Xbox OneEdit

Press AXboxOne to jump.

Playstation 4 Edit

Press Cross PS4 to jump.

Nintendo Switch Edit

Tips Edit

  • If the player jumps and immediately uses Air Attack, the player will propel forward, making this fast for travel and an alternative when out of power for the Reptile Roll. This technique is often used in speedrun sessions.

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