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Laylee is one of two main protagonists of the game Yooka-Laylee and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. She appears with Yooka as a playable character in Brief Battles, as well as Brawlout. She is a purple fruit bat[1] who rides on the back of her friend Yooka's head.

Name Origin[]

The name Laylee is a two-name pun with Yooka, as both words are used to form the name of the musical string instrument, ukulele (although it is more of a mis-pronounciation, as ukulele is meant to be pronounced "yooka-leh-leh").

According to Steve Mayles, the Laylee's name has a second meaning. Laylee's name was based off of the Hawaiian word "lele", which means "to fly".


Protagonist Laylee is described as "the wisecracking lady-bat with the big nose." The character is a purple, female bat with lime-green eyes. She is further described as having thin, black eyebrows, and a large red nose as well as sharp fangs, pointy ears, and thin wings. Additionally, her ears, wings, feet, and the patch on her torso are peach-orange in color.


Energetic, quick-witted and occasionally unhinged, Laylee is the proverbial devil on Yooka's shoulder, barking orders and insults in equal measure.[2] She is an obnoxious wisecracker and cheeky, often getting Yooka into trouble. She usually finds everything boring, and can be lazy, impatient and cynical, asking NPCs for Pagies upfront. Laylee also can be offensive, making fun of NPCs' physical and character flaws, such as Dr. Puzz or Trowzer.


Abilities only used by Laylee[]

  • Sonar Shot - A beam that Laylee shoots to stun nearby enemies, and activate targeted objects such as switches.
  • Sonar 'Splosion - A sound wave explosion that deals 1 damage and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Sonar Shield - A shield of sonar energy that Laylee creates to protect the duo from harm and deal damage to nearby enemies, used while Reptile Rolling.

Abilities shared with Yooka[]

  • Air Attack - An aerial attack that deals one damage to any enemy it contacts.
  • Flappy Flight - Allows the duo to fly for a certain amount of time.
  • Buddy Slam - Yooka jumps and Laylee hits Yooka downward in mid-air to hit the ground hard.
  • Glide - Slows down the falling speed of the duo.
  • Camo Cloak - The duo becomes invisible in order to pass by enemies (such as Corplet Security) undetected.
  • Reptile Roll - Laylee uses Yooka as a wheel to traverse up steep hills and travel fast.



Playtonic Games wanted to have a flying character as Yooka's partner. Steve Mayles thought that they should not have another bird as a partner since they've already done a bird in Banjo-Kazooie, so ultimately he ended up with a bat.





Concept Art[]


  • She was mostly inspired by Kazooie from the Banjo-Kazooie series
  • Her name in the code of the Toybox is 'Batty.'
  • Near the end of the E3 2016 trailer, Laylee mentions how she doesn't trust the developers, stating "[the game will] probably have car sections by [release]", referencing the infamous Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
  • She might actually be a vampire, as she might bite onto Yooka's head when idle.
  • Laylee has her own "Emailee" address: Laylee@Playtonicgames.com. If you send an Emailee to that address, she might put a reply in one of the "Mailee to Laylee" posts on the Playtonic Games blog.[3][4][5] The replies to the mailee often divulge apparent facts about Laylee and the Playtonic Universe. The following are some claims found in the articles (originally written in Laylee's first-person perspective):
    • Laylee hates poor grammar and substituting words or syllables with numbers.[3]
    • Yooka apparently gets all the duo's profit from Yooka-Laylee game sales.[3]
    • As a request, she drew how she and Yooka would look if Dr. Puzz turned them into a dragon.[3][6]
    • Her ideal suiter gift would be a golden, Minecart Gem-encrusted throne shaped helmet for Yooka to wear all the time and her to sit in. She would also like a scepter to match if possible.[3]
    • If a Yooka-Laylee themed kart racer was to be made, (Tentatively titled "Yooka-Laylee Racing" by the sender) Laylee would like to be a seperate character to Yooka, she says it's because "Wings are superior to wheels, so sharing a vehicle with Yooka would only make me hold back."[3]
    • Her favorite Donkey Kong Country game is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest. Her favorite things about it are the firework effects in Target Terror and the death sound Click-Clacks make. She also says that Yooka looks just like a Kremling if he stays up too late.[3]
    • Shipwreck Creek runs on a unique time zone named "Shipwreck Creek Time" (SWCT) and she thinks everyone in the whole world knows that.[3]
    • Her shower is Non-Portable, and because she rides around on Yooka all the time, she never takes one.[3]
      • The mailee which corresponds with the replies containing the 2 trivias above was sent by Hyle Russell, the co-founder of the Donkey Kong Country fansite, DKVine.[3]
    • Laylee assumes her wit and honesty is what makes her "the best and most beautiful out of anyone [she] knows."[4]
    • One mailee asks her if soup is meant to be cooked in a toaster or on a BBQ, she says [the sender] is supposed to eat it raw like the absolute bonehead he was.[4]
    • If she could use the D.N.Ray to turn her into anything, Laylee would transform herself into a giantess, then she can carry Yooka on her head all the time, decide where to go, throw him at enemies and eat him if he misbehaves too much.[4]
      • That reply came with fanart from Twitter user Wahepu, it depicted a giantess Laylee eating Yooka.[7]
    • She is actually a pacifist and hates having to fight Capital B and his company. But she does like the sound of a chance to violently express her distaste of the Buddy Bubble to the "disturbed individual" who thought it up.[4]
    • Apparently, when Yooka and Laylee were infiltrating Hivory Towers, Yooka shedded his skin to make a decoy Yooka to distract Dr. Quack with, but the head fell off before they got in. They used the skin as a Halloween decoration instead.[4]
      • That reply came with fanart from Twitter user Hidane_, the first one depicted Yooka and Laylee after breaking the decoy Yooka,[8] and the second one had Laylee showing Yooka the Halloween decoration the decoy Yooka was made into.[9]
    • As a baby, Laylee often got wrapped up into a "Bat Burrito" in her wings when she was learning to fly.[4]
    • Laylee thinks it would take a lot of work to make a game only about her, so she would like to ride on a silent dog if it would be impossible to have her by herself.[4]
    • Her favorite smell is the scent of fresh Berries on a summer morning carried her way by a soft breeze.[4]
    • There's Staff Toilets in Hivory Towers. Laylee found that out by accidentally entering one at the same time a Corplet was taking a massive poop.[5]
    • If Yooka and Laylee were to get a Survival Horror game where they were either "locked in a mansion crawling with sorts of zombies, failed experiments and overall crimes against nature, or lost in a fog-ridden town with supernatural anomalies that can make monsters and warp reality to bring out [their] inner demons, or just simply being hunted down by the most resilient pair of maniacs carrying giant pairs of scissors", Laylee would bring Dr. Puzz with them so she could use the D.N.Ray to change them into something that would scare their new enemies, like a "really big bear" or a "counsel tax".[5]
    • Laylee imposed a "Farting Ban"; Yooka is only allowed do the Buddy Bubble when they need to go under water for a long period of time.[5]
    • If a cartoon based on the Yooka-Laylee series was to be made, Laylee would like the plot to go as follows: After Capital B's defeat, Laylee would buy out Hivory Towers and become a world famous writer in a prestigious city, complete with expensive designer shoes and a "very specific and complicated coffee order". At one point, Yooka and Clara Lost would compete to become her personal intern, with Yooka getting the win because Clara collapsed into a pile of bone, enamel and marrow from "the immense pressure of being in [Laylee's] presence", leaving Trowzer the janitor to dispose of what's left. The rest of the series would mocument Laylee's increasing success as Hivory Towers new CEO and best author while Yooka provides comic relief as he (unsuccessfully) tries to be a good apprentice.[5]
    • Laylee's top 3 transformation predictions for "Yooka-Laythree" are:
      • A Peacock, "The most stylish creature in the room, always."[5]
      • A Bat, with Laylee being turned into a Chameleon.[5]
      • An Albatross, she originally went for a seagull, but changed her mind due to albatrosses being bigger.[5]
    • Before chatting about the Bat Ship Crazy's repairs at the beginning of Yooka-Laylee, Laylee was philosophizing about how flowers open and close their buds and how they grow into outer space.[5]
  • The answer to the last question in the 3rd Mailee to Laylee post was written by Capital B instead. It had him providing "advice" on how to have a long-term relationship to go well by comparing marriage to running a business.[5]


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