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Mr. Blowy serve as obstacles for Yooka and Laylee. They can shoot elemental particles out of their mouth to disrupt or damage the duo.

If the duo comes into contact with Mr. Blowy's fire, then the duo will lose health on the world map and five gems while completing Kartos' Challenges. The Mr. Blowys that blow wind can blow the the duo away while the underwater ones that blow bubbles create an underwater current.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Blowys are rectangular air ducts with mouths that resemble a furnace-like grill. They sport large glossy eyes. They seem to be made out of metal. Four rivets as well as a metal boarder can be seen on the face of their bodies.

Variations Edit

Description Counter Image
Fire If the duo touches the fire spewed from a Mr. Blowy, they will be dealt 1 damage. In the Kartos Challenge, the duo will lose 5 gems. During the Kartos challenges, slow down in the kart and time jumps correctly.
Mr. Blowy Fire
Wind Blows away Yooka and Laylee. Gain the Metal Yooka ability to walk through the wind.
IMG 20161213 181103 025
Bubbles Blows away Yooka and Laylee while underwater. Buddy Bubble
IMG 20161213 181128 352

Quotes Edit

First encounter with the friendly Mr. Blowy Edit

  • "Grrnn... Mr. Blowy gasping for drink. Throat all dry from hard day's puffing."

Request fufilled with the friendly Mr. Blowy Edit

  • "Grrnn... Water! Mr. Blowy can finally continue his job blowing air in a linear direction."
  • "Beats cleaning the streets..."

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  • Blastooie appears to hate Mr. Blowys and seeks revenge on them, while sarcastically calling them his 'friends'.

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