The name "Nimbo's Mountain" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

Nimbo's Mountain is a mountain located on the northeast border of Tribalstack Tropics, and is connected by a couple floating islands connected to a bridge, which ultimately connects with the Tribalstack Monument. Nimbo's Mountain is accessible only after an expansion of Tribalstack Tropics.  

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Mountain Peak Edit

On the top of the mountain is a dried pond with Nimbo, as well as a water, frost, and fire berry bushes on the sides. There are a few steps that lead to the nearby floating islands, and a large doorway that leads to the bottom of the mountain.

Bottom of the Mountain Edit

The bottom of the mountain is next to a pond within Tribalstack Canals. There is a door at the bottom that leads to the peak, but this door can only be opened by activating a switch located at the peak.

North Floating Islands Edit

There are several floating islands connected to Nimbo's Mountain. These islands are the main gateway between the Tribalstack monument and Nimbo's Mountain. There is a Ghost Writer named Ann-Gree located on these floating islands.

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Pre-Expansion Edit

  1. In the Canal near the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain (3): Near the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain is a pond with 2 paths that go around it. The dry path that's farthest from the mountain is slippery but it contains 3 quills. In order to reach it, the duo must use the Reptile Roll.
  2. Nimbo's Mountain Pond (5): At the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain is a pond with a current that blocks the underground entrance. The player can use the Buddy Bubble ability to enter an underground room with lots of water currents in it. Around the button that can stop the water current are 5 Quills.

Post-Expansion Edit

  1. North Floating Islands (4): There are several floating islands that act as a bridge from the Tribalstack Monument and Nimbo's Mountain. On the bridge, there a total of 5 Quills.
  2. Nimbo's Mountain (8): On top of Nimbo's Mountain is 1 Quill, and another Quill lies on the stairs to the top. There are 3 Quills behind each Berry Bush, and 3 Quills on top of the bridge of the waterfall.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
On the north floating islands that's connected to Nimbo's Mountain.

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  • The shortcut in Nimbo's mountain was originally a viewing platform shown in the E3 trailer. However, the developers needed a fast shortcut for the player to climb back up the mountain, so the viewing area was replaced by a cave which acted as a shortcut.[1]

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