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Pachinko Machine Yooka-Laylee Concept Art.png

The Pachinko Machines are a series of large Pachinko machines in Capital Cashino that contain a piece of Yooka-Laylee artwork in the background.

To activate the machines with Capital B and Yooka and Laylee final artwork, Yooka must use the Lizard Lash on the center lever. Nine red balls will descend from the top of the machine. Use the Lizard Lash on the two levers on each side of the Pachinko Machine to activate them. Yooka must make at least four of the nine red balls to fall to the bottom. The left lever causes the gold pins to rotate clockwise. The right lever causes the silver pins to rotate. Each red ball will cause one of four red lights at the bottom to light up. Once all 4 red light bulbs are lit, the duo will be rewarded with a number of Casino Chips based on the table below.

Pachinko Machines[edit | edit source]

  • Capital B
  • Yooka and Laylee (Concept Art)
  • Yooka and Laylee (Final Art)
Background Art Number of Gold Pins Number of Silver Pins Number of Cashino Tokens Reward for Completion
Capital B 6 22 6
Yooka and Laylee (Concept Art) 6 0 7
Yooka and Laylee (Final Art) 6

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