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"You've not heard the last from Crazy Kirkhope!"
― Crazy Kirkhope

A Pagie is the main collectible in Yooka-Laylee that can be spent on the Grand Tomes to both unlock worlds and expand upon them. There are 145 Pagies in the game. There are 25 in each main world and 20 in Hivory Towers.

There is also a version of them that are found in ripped pieces and a version trapped in cages.

The duo needs 100 Pagies to engage the battle with Capital B.

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The term "page" is used to describe a sheet of paper in a collection of sheets bound together like in a book. Like most of Playtonic Games' names, the developers replace the "e" at the end of "page" with an "ie" to form the name "Pagie".


Pagies are glowing golden pieces of parchment that fled from the One Book when it was captured by Capital B. They have butterflies as a trim and are torn in various places.

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  • The text on the Pagies is Lorem ipsum, a filler text commonly used in graphic design.
  • Pagies were inspired by the Jiggies from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
  • Pagies can be in cages, called a "Pagie in a Cagie."
  • The Pagie was featured on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 as the Character of the Day.
  • There is one pagie, who calls himself "Crazy Kirkhope." This is referencing this specific pagie's voice actor, Grant Kirkhope.
  • There are, as found by hacking the PC version, 30 slots for Pagie collections for each level; this is because there was originally going to be 30 Pagies on each world, as is mentioned in a review of an early build of Tribalstack Tropics on the PlayStation 4.
  • In the Toybox build of Yooka-Laylee, there can be found a set of textures for a 2D sprite for the Pagie collectible. This may imply that at one time Pagies were intended to have the same 2D art style as of the other collectibles, or perhaps this was simply a placeholder.

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