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Plant Bulbs are anthropomorphic flowers found in Tribalstack Tropics. Plant Bulbs will initially refuse to talk to Yooka and Laylee until the duo transforms into Flower Form, then the duo can speak to them.

Most of the Plant Bulbs only give the duo advice and reveal hidden secrets within Tribalstack Tropics except for one that asks the duo for a request.

Appearance Edit

The Plant Bulbs are violet-colored bulbs with green googly eyes. It rests on a bed of leaves. There appear to be different colored variants of the plants, including a teal and a pink-tinted one.

Personality Edit

Plant Bulbs appear to be flirty females, calling the duo's plant form "hot stuff," "handsome," a "strapping flora", and asking for the transformed pair to "pay her some attention."

Task Edit

Upon their transformation to Flower Form, one of the Plant Bulbs will ask Yooka and Laylee to pollinate its siblings and it.[1] If Yooka and Laylee pollinate all Plant Bulbs in Tribalstack Tropics, they will be rewarded with a Pagie.

Quotes Edit

Before Plant Transformation Edit

  • "Sorry, I don't speak to your kind."

After Plant Transformation Edit

  • "Hey hot stuff. Come over here and pay me some attention!"
  • "Hey handsome. I haven't seen you around here before."

Mission complete Edit

  • "As promised, here's your gift... Hhrrrrnnnnnnnghgh!!"

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