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Play Tonics, also referred to as Tonics, are unlockable game modifiers in Yooka-Laylee that allow Yooka and Laylee to upgrade themselves by enhancing their stats and abilities. The tonics can also provide different entertaining graphical effects to the game.

The player can obtain these Play Tonics from an in-game NPC named Vendi, who is found once or twice in every world, and multiple times throughout Hivory Towers. Only one Play Tonic upgrade can be used at a time.

Once a tonic has been unlocked on the game save file, the tonic will unlock on every save file. For example, if the player unlocked the Butterthree tonic in a save file and starts a new game file, the Butterthree tonic will already have been unlocked in the new game file. This can be used for players who want an extra challenge, or an extra boost from the start of a new file.

Name Origin Edit

Play Tonics were named after the company developing the game Yooka-Laylee, Playtonic Games.

The official definition of a tonic is a type of carbonated water beverage, fitting in with the potion theme.

Appearance Edit

There is no official image of a tonic, but one can be seen in official art of Vendi. The tonic contains a pink fluid within a transparent glass erlenmeyer flask.

Another tonic appears in a cutscene before the final boss: Capital B. In the scene, Capital B pulls out a non-transparent pink erlenmeyer flask to make himself bigger. The shape of the tonic is much smoother than the tonics that Vendi provides in the official artwork of Vendi, and in the cutscene, it's shown that it contains a purple liquid inside.

It is currently unknown if every tonic looks like the one that Vendi offers in her official artwork.

All Tonics Edit

Tonics Official Description More Info Requirement
Wellard "Gain +1 Butterfly health slot!" Increases the player's max health by 1 Butterfly. Collect 5 Pagies.
Baller "Roll move uses less power!" Reduces the energy used by the Reptile Roll by 50% (0.2 energy used per second instead of 0.4), allowing the duo to use it twice as long. Defeat 100 enemies.
Super Slam "Gain a more powerful Buddy Slam!" Buddy Slam creates a shockwave, dealing 1 damage to all nearby enemies, and 8 damage to the enemy directly hit by the Buddy Slam. The shockwave can penetrate armor from Corplet Drones, Bizzy Bees, and the static body of the Corplet Marine. It also briefly stuns Inept Corplet Security bots, but it does not disable their shield. Stun 30 enemies with the Sonar Shot ability.
Bruiser "Gain extra health from Butterflies!" When Yooka eats a butterfly using the Slurp Shot ability, the player regains 2 Butterfly Energy instead of 1. Collect 10 Pagies in Hivory Towers
Livewire "Power Meter regenerates faster!" The Power Meter refills energy in 5 seconds after not using any energy ability, rather than 15 seconds. Beat Rextro's high score on 3 Arcade Machines.
Fallproof "No damage when falling from great heights!" Prevents the player from taking any fall damage. Fall damage will normally damage the player by 3 Butterfly Health Slots. Collect 10 Ghost Writers.
Hoarder "Collect quills with Yooka's Lizard Lash!" Allows the player to collect Quills using the Lizard Lash ability. Collect 300 Quills.
Salmon "Hold your breath longer underwater!" Increases the time that the duo can hold their breath underwater by 25%, increasing their breath time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. Defeat 10 underwater enemies (Corplet Marines).
Hunter "Sense when rare items are near!" When the duo are near a rare collectible (Power Extenders, Butterfly Boosters, Mollycools) a whistle will sound in the direction of the collectible. The last 30 Quills and Casino Tokens in a world will also be detected. Collect 2 Butterfly Boosters or 2 Power Extenders.
Loaded "More ammo from Berry Bushes!" Abilities gained from the Berry Bushes last 33% longer, extending the abilities' duration time from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Collect 15 Ghost Writers.
Peekaboo "Yooka's invisibility move lasts longer!" Reduces energy used by the Camo Cloak by 50% (0.5 energy used per second instead of 1), allowing the duo to use it twice as long. Defeat 10 Corplet Security enemies.
Butterthree "Massively reduce your health for a tough challenge!" Reduces the player's Butterfly Health to 3. Finish the Yooka-Laylee story by defeating Capital B (Boss).
Helium "This tonic is a secret!" Increases the pitch of character's voices. Finish the Yooka-Laylee story by defeating Capital B (Boss).
Athlete "This tonic is a secret!" Increases the Power Meter's max energy by a value of 3. Finish the Yooka-Laylee story by defeating Capital B (Boss).
64-Bit "Go retro!" Changes the graphics to 64-bit styled graphics. Currently not available. DLC not available.
Pants "This tonic is a secret!" Give Yooka blue tight shorts. Collect every Pagie in the game.

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Trivia Edit

  • Play Tonics are most similar to Cheato Pages from Banjo-Tooie. Both collectibles give you an advantage in the game, such as the ability to swim faster.
  • If the player selects the Butterthree tonic, then exits out of the tonic menu, then talks with Vendi and disables the tonic, the player will be at full health.
    • This exploit can be used to heal the player rather than searching for Butterflies to restore energy.
  • There are also Tonics not offered by Vendi. In the final boss battle with Capital B, he drinks a tonic that makes him grow to massive size.
    Tonic (Bee)

    Capital B's growth tonic. This is also the first and only time a play tonic is physically seen in-game.

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