"All the characters you meet...are lined up to star in their own games in the future. They're not necessarily always going to get on, and who's good, who's bad, might not be quite so clear cut."
― Gavin Price on Playtonic Universe

The Playtonic Universe is a game universe that contains all of the characters that Playtonic Games has created, and overlap with each others games. Games might be from a different genre, and the game's antagonist is likely a member of the organization, V.I.L.E.

Games in the Playtonic Universe:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A majority of fans demand a new game with Schell or the Blamphibians from Galleon Galaxy.
  • When Andy Robinson retired from Playtonic, he joked that there would be a mobile puzzle app starring Rextro. The game supposedly had the player matching and clearing Rextro's brain cells to sooth his anxieties as he runs a KickStarter for more minigames at the same time as fulfilling many physical item orders and answering heated complaints about why they only come in one color each.
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