Power Meter

The Power Meter (also referred to as a Power Bar) is an energy gauge that is used to power various abilities in Yooka-Laylee and is drained whenever Yooka and Laylee use certain abilities. If the power meter is empty, the duo will be unable to use those moves and must either collect Butterflies to quickly recharge the meter, or wait for the meter to naturally refill. The power meter will naturally refill if the player does not use any abilities that require the power meter for 15 seconds. If the player has the Livewire Tonic equipped, the duration reduces to 5 seconds. The natural value of the Power Meter is 6.

The length of the Power Meter can be upgraded through by collecting the Power Extenders scattered around various worlds or equipping the Athletic Tonic from Vendi. Each Power Extender gives the duo a value of 1 max energy, while the Athlete Tonic gives a value of 3 max energy.

Data Edit

The information below is data based on the Power Meter

Power Meter = PE

Power Meter + Athlete Tonic = PEA

No PE 1 PE 2 PE 3 PE 4 PE 5 PE 6 PE 7 PEA 8 PEA 9 PEA
Energy Value 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Abilities that use Energy Edit

The following are abilities that use energy from the Power Meter.

Name & Image Description Energy Used
Reptile Roll
Reptile Roll
Boots Yooka and Laylee's movement, as well as allowing them to roll up steep hills. 0.4 Energy per second (Reduced 0.2 energy if the Baller tonic is equipped.)
Sonar Shot
Sonar Shot Cropped
Stuns enemies and activates certain objects, like Totems, and the blue Ghost Writer: Heidi.

≈0.11 Energy used per shot

Buddy Bubble
Bubble Buddy
Applies land physics underwater, and allows them to use most of their abilities underwater, as well as breathe.. 1 Energy per use
Sonar 'Splosion
Sonar 'Splosion
After a quick charge, Laylee omits a giant sound explosion, damaging all enemies around the player, as well as destroying any fragile objects. 1 Energy per use
Camo Cloak
Camo Cloak
Turns the duo invisible, enabling them to sneak by enemies and security cameras. Lasers also reflect off of the duo during this time. 1 Energy per second (Reduced to 0.5 if the Peekaboo tonic is equipped.)
Reptile Rush
Reptile Rush
While using the Reptile roll, the duo rolls in place briefly and then shoots forward fast, damaging enemies they hit, as well as breaking cracked glass that they hit. 0.2 Energy per second. Energy usage does not stack with the Reptile Roll.
Flappy Flight
Lets the duo to fly, allowing them to reach high areas 0.2 Energy per second. Costs an extra 0.08 Energy to ascend upwards once.
Sonar Shield
Sonar Shield
While using the reptile roll, provides a shield around the duo, making them invulnerable against anything that normally damages them, and allows them to pass through laser barriers. 0.6 Energy per second. Since this ability stack, the numerical value provided already considers the Reptile Roll being used.