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Shipwreck Creek is the introductory world in Yooka-Laylee. The environment contains the wrecked ship, Bat Ship Crazy, that Yooka and Laylee have painted and made their home. Hivory Towers can be seen from most areas of Shipwreck Creek. The entrance to Hivory Towers, and the first meeting with Trowzer is located here as well.

This world acts as a tutorial for the player, teaching them how to attack, double jump, swim, and as well as teaching the player to collect quills.

The players can return to Shipwreck Creek after collecting 1 Pagie in Tribalstack Tropics to find Corplets running rampant around the creek, and the player can find two new Pagies here as well.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Location of Characters[edit | edit source]

Trowzer[edit | edit source]

  • At the entrance gate of Hivory Towers

Blasto[edit | edit source]

  • On the left side (facing away from Hivory Towers) of Shipwreck Creek, there is an uphill path that will lead to Blasto.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Pagies[edit | edit source]


These Pagies do not appear until the player has earned at least 1 Pagie from Tribalstack Tropics.

  1. The Wrecked Crow's Nest: A wrecked crow's nest located on the top of a hill contains a Pagie flying in a circle. The player can access this area by using the Reptile Roll on a broken red and green ramp that leads to the hills that eventually lead to the wrecked crow's nest
  2. Helping Blasto: On the left side (facing away from Hivory Towers) of Shipwreck Creek, an uphill path can be found that leads to Blasto. By using the Buddy Slam ability on Blasto, he will cough out a Pagie for the player to collect.

Quills[edit | edit source]

  1. Hivory Towers Entrance Gate (1): A chest with a single quill is located next to the Hivory Towers Entrance gate
  2. Big Tree (1): Next to Bat Ship Crazy is a lone tree by an edge. Next to it is a treasure chest with a one quill.
  3. Entrance to the Ship (1): On the second floor of the entrance to the ship is a treasure chest past two breakable barrels. The chest contains one quill.
  4. Ship's Quarterdeck (1): On the Quarterdeck (the top floor with the helm) is a treasure chest that contains a quill inside of it.
  5. Red & Green Ramp to the Hills (1): A slightly-broken red and greed ramp lays on a wall with a treasure chest on the right of it. The treasure chest contains a singular quill.
  6. Behind the Giant Tree Between the Two River Paths (1): Behind the big tree that holds up Bat Ship Crazy is a treasure chest that contain one quill. The treasure chest is also in between the two river paths.
  7. Top of Blasto's Hill (1): On the left side (facing away from Hivory Towers) of Shipwreck Creek, an uphill path can be found that leads to Blasto and a treasure chest that has a singular quill inside of it.
  8. Right of the Tree Next to the Rocks with towels (1): The right (facing away from Hivory Towers) of the gray rocks with the Yooka and Laylee towels is giant tree. Past that giant tree is a treasure chest found in the corner. The chest contains a single quill.
  9. Left of the Entrance of Hivory Towers (1): To the left (facing Hivory Towers) of the entrance of Hivory Towers is a small descending path, and a treasure chest can be found on the way down.
  10. Below the Bridge Between Shipwreck Creek and the Entrance of Hivory Towers (1): Below the natural bridge that lies between Shipwreck creek and the Entrance of Hivory Towers is a path that contains a treasure chest containing one quill.

Other Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Other Collectibles
Health Extender

Health Extender Hivory Towers.gif

  • In Shipwreck Creek, found on top of the wall that has fences and acts as a barrier for Shipwreck Creek and the path into Hivory Towers. To reach the top, the player must have the Reptile Roll ability. There's a gold slope located in the "tutorial" section of the path to Hivory Towers. Once they reach the top of the slope, the player can double jump towards the rock cliff, and then using either the air attack or glide to extend the jump. Climb up the rocks and to the right will be the Health Extender.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As with many names in Yooka-Laylee, the name of this location is a joke. A creek is a small stream, which is unlikely to have ships floating in it, much less have shipwrecks.
  • Shipwreck Creek is the introductory world to Yooka-Laylee, as Spiral Mountain is for Banjo-Kazooie.
  • During the E3 2016 Yooka-Laylee trailer, there was a golden puzzle piece inside of a drink. This was likely a reference to Playtonic Games' previous work Banjo-Kazooie while a majority of the staff worked at Rare, Ltd. The golden puzzle piece resembled Banjo-Kazooie's main collectible: the Jiggy. However, this puzzle piece does not appear in the final game.
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