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"Spirited effort, warriors! I do hope Leapalot hasn't scoffed all the steak and lobster."
― Sir Scoffsalot

Sir Scoffsalot is a character in Yooka-Laylee and is one of four Knights of Hamalot. Sir Scoffsalot asks Yooka and Laylee to perform a variety of tasks throughout the game.

Name Origin Edit

Scoffsalot's name reflects that this character eats a lot. He is seen to carry large amounts of food with him at all times.

Appearance Edit

Sir Scoffsalot wears chain mail armor with a yellow food apron while wearing orange gloves and an orange belt with 6 donuts attached to his belt. He also holds a candy cane in his left hand. More candy canes can be seen on his back as well. He wears toeless shoes.

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While kind, Sir Scoffsalot is incredibly gluttonous, as he says "Om Nom Nom..." at the beginning of every new dialogue box, implying that he is constantly eating something.

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  • Sir Scoffsalot was first seen during IGN's "6 Minutes of Yooka-Laylee Gameplay - Gamescom 2016".[1]
  • Sir Scoffsalot was formerly known as Munchalot.

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  • While carrying a large amount of food, he strangely is only seen eating a candycane the whole time the player encounters him.

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