"Ssslurp 'edible' objects and fire projectilesss!"

The Slurp Shot is an ability which Yooka can use his tongue to eat various objects like Butterflies and Berries. Yooka can also learn the abilities Slurp State and Lizard Lash as extensions to this ability.

Yooka's tongue will automatically lock onto the nearest edible, copyable, or grabbable object nearby.

The ability can be learned in Tribalstack Tropics for 30 Quills on the second floor of Duke's Temple.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Yooka can use this ability in order to eat butterflies and berries, and use it as a grappling hook and to absorb elemental properties.

Description Image
Eating Butterflies Yooka can eat butterflies to restore health.
Lick Butterfly.gif
Eating Berries Yooka can eat Berries such as Scorchberries, Frostberries, Splashberries, and Bomberries.
Collecting a Splashberry.gif
Lizard Lash

- Grappling Hook

Yooka can use his tongue as a grappling hook to attach to Grapple Points.
Grappling Tongue.gif
Slurp State

- Copying elemental properties (Unlockable)

Once the duo has unlocked the Slurp State in Glitterglaze Glacier, Yooka can absorb properties by eating objects.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Note that Yooka's tongue will automatically lock onto any nearby edible/copyable/grabbable object.

Steam[edit | edit source]

Xbox One[edit | edit source]

Press BXboxOne.png to shoot out Yooka's Tongue.

Playstation 4[edit | edit source]

Press Circle PS4.png to shoot out Yooka's Tongue.

Nintendo Switch[edit | edit source]

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