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"Absssorb the powersss of gobbled itemsss!"
― Trowzer

Slurp State is an ability that Yooka can use to gain the properties of a certain group of items that he licks for 20 seconds. This can be achieved through the Slurp Shot ability.

All objects in which the Slurp State can be used on are outlined in white. The outlines flicker.

The effects gained from the Slurp State ability last for twenty seconds.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The forms that Yooka can achieve with this ability are as follows:

Description Appearance Demonstration
Metal Yooka After licking metallic objects such as cannonballs, Yooka will gain great weight and become metallic. Yooka's entire body becomes gray, shiny, and light-refractive.
Luminous Yooka After consuming a green firefly, Yooka will become bright, allowing the duo to illuminate dark areas. Every color of Yooka will turn neon.
Sticky Yooka After licking a Bee Hive, Yooka will become sticky, allowing him to walk on slippery surfaces, such as ice. Yooka turns yellow.
Charged Yooka After licking a battery, Yooka can charge lightning symbols on the ground. Yooka turns blue with electricity surrounding him.
Fire Yooka After licking a Fire Pit, Yooka will become fiery, allowing him to light unlit torches and melt ice cubes with his body heat upon making contact with said ice cubes. Yooka will become bright red and fiery.
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