Splashberries are edible berries found in Splashberry bushes. When a Splashberry is consumed, Yooka will be able to spew water out of his mouth for 20 seconds.

Appearance Edit

This plant has long green stalks with green leaves. The berries themselves are blue.

Controls Edit

Steam Edit

Xbox One Edit

Lick up a berry with BXboxOne, and hold down XXboxOne to spew water.

Playstation 4 Edit

Lick up a berry with Circle PS4, and hold down Square PS4 to spew water.

Nintendo Switch Edit

Uses Edit

Hivory Towers Edit

  • Extinguish a fire in Hub A to access a Pagie behind it

Tribalstack Tropics Edit

Glitterglaze Glacier Edit

  • Various fires block the duo's path throughout the Icymetric Palace, these can be extinguished with the Splashberries

Galleon Galaxy Edit

  • Splashberries can be found inside the Lunar Lockup, but they serve no purpose.

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