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Tony Verlis Gatto (also known by his username Verlisify) is a minor Youtube celebrity. On May 1st, 2015, Verlis stated that he will be voicing a character in Yooka-Laylee.[1] He voiced the Butterflies in Yooka-Laylee.[2]

While popular, Verlis is known for his creating competitive movesets within the Pokémon community. He voices against popular opinions, "cheating," clickbait YouTubers, and Smogon.


Verlis creates different types of videos (mainly Pokémon) on his Youtube channel. Some videos include Pokémon strategy guides, Pokémon Trivia, Top 10s, and more.


  • Verlis gave Playtonic Games the suggestion that the butterflies should produce a screech sound upon being consumed. Playtonic said that they would think about it, but in the final game, the butterflies instead give a surprised gasp when eaten.
  • Verlis has created a "How to Use" strategy guide for almost every single Pokémon.
  • Verlis is known to call out hackers, usually indicated by the presence of shiny or illegal Pokémon. Whether or not his opponents are actually hackers is a topic of debate.

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