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"It's like a proper level but it's completely self-contained spoiler free."

The Toybox is a demo that is open to backers who pledged at least £20 (approximately 32 US dollars) during the Kickstarter, and to anyone who had pre-ordered Yooka-Laylee on Amazon, Steam, or GOG. The Toybox was originally released to Kickstarter Backers on July 28th. It is a spoiler-free sandbox, designed to give backers the taste of platforming that will soon come to the game. There are plenty of abilities to try out, plenty of collectibles to gather, and some secrets to find.[1]

There is also an Enhanced Toybox+, which is available to backers who pledged at least £35 (approximately 55 US Dollars) during the Kickstarter or those who pre-ordered the game online. The Enhanced Toybox+ has an expanded world compared to the regular Toybox.

There is a NPC in the Toybox called Inept who instructs the player, and a previously unheard tune from Tribalstack Tropics. The Power Meter and the Butterfly Energy do not exist in the Toybox. This was implanted for experimental purposes. Also, players can find and collect one of the Ghost Writers, although it is the only one to be found in Toybox.

Location Overview[edit | edit source]

The Toybox has a simple environment, with the main environment having uni-colored boxes and random plants and structures from Tribalstack Tropics.

Toybox vs. Toybox+ Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Combos
  • A Corplet cave
  • A huge tilted blue slide with red balls partially inside it, which leads to a green platform, that leads to another blue tilted platform, that leads to some yellow platforms.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • A green area with a brown circle (Looks like a log), a gray object, pink words on the wall that read "TOYBOX", and a Treasure Chest on top of the wall.
  • Moving platforms that lead to a floating yellow island with a treasure chest and a slide that leads to a big green space with multiple huge arcs from Tribalstack Tropics, and random platforms.
  • Another big green island with a Yellow mountain surrounded by water with a treasure chest on top, A smaller yellow mountain, and a green hill with a treasure chest on top. This island connects to another island. On top of the yellow mountain is a neon-pink ball that can be moved into a hole back to the bottom of the mountain, into a little yellow obstacle, where Yooka and Laylee can push the pink ball into a hole that unlocks a glass wall door that has Quills behind it.
    • The connection has several spiral wind platforms that are blowing leaves upwards, along with some fog and a treasure chest. The connected island is a yellow mountain surrounded by green walls with an opening.
    • A secret area the player can access once they have collected their Pagie. Inept will give the player a hint, which can be used in the final game.

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