The Tribalstack Tile Puzzle can be found in Tribalstack Tropics by Duke's Temple. The Tribalstack Tile Puzzle can be solved by using the Buddy Slam on the tiles that match the tiles displayed on the wall in the corresponding order. There are five tiles that Yooka and Laylee must slam in order. The tiles are in a square-shaped formation that is 5 by 5. There are 2 flames at the top.

Before using the Buddy Slam ability on the first tile, it is recommended to use a nearby Frostberry on the third floor of the Duke's Temple to defeat the Corplet Security on the center tile. Upon slamming the first tile, the duo has twenty-five seconds to slam the four remaining tiles. Upon completion of the Tribalstack Tile Puzzle, a Pagie in a Cagie on the top shelf will unlock.

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