Alright, geezersss… come to learn from the bessst?[1]

Trowzer is a supporting character that appears in Yooka-Laylee. He teaches Yooka and Laylee abilities at the cost of quills.

Trowzer's role in Yooka-Laylee is to teach the player new moves in exchange for a small fee of quills. After acquiring a move from Trowzer, he will explain its use. When the player speaks to Trowzer in Hivory Towers, he will give the player a new move free of charge to help open a new Tome and expand his business.

Trowzer's role in The Impossible Lair is dramatically different from Yooka-Laylee in that he expands the overworld in exchange for a certain amount of coins through the use of paywalls.

Trowzer's Theme in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

54 Trowzer's Theme

Name Origin Edit

Trowzer's name is a play on the term, "Trouser snake", a euphemism for male genitalia.


Trowzer is an Adder snake.[1] He has stripes of alternating light and dark red going across his back, a cream-colored belly, and yellow eyes. He wears an Australian slouch hat (which has a large bite taken out of it), a mustard-yellow striped necktie, and a black belt holding up a pair of khaki shorts, hence his name.

Trowzer's tail goes through one of the shorts' leg holes and then goes back up through the other hole, where it is situated next to his head; he rests his weight on the middle of his tail while sitting upright, and seems to use the end of his tail as a hand. His shorts feature a blue sewn-on patch on one side, giving the impression that his business ventures are not altogether successful.

He carries with him a brick phone, made by Brickcom, with the year 1985 written on the side.


Trowzer has been described as "a bit of a loser," and, "a business-snake whose career never took off"; despite this, however, he thinks he is the greatest salesman there ever was, and has also been called "smug". He owns a business called Trowzers Worldwide Incredible Traders Co. Ltd.[1]

Locations by World in Yooka-Laylee Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Thisss next move I used to defeat the world 3 bossss – a tricky encounter, that one."

Entire Conversations Edit


Entire Conversation (Tribalstack Tropics)

First Encounter Edit


"Well if it isn't my old matesss! Please ssstep right into my office..."


"What office? Looks more like a crumbly old temple to me."


"Ah yesss, pay no attention. Top designers are on the case - award winners. Classsy stuff."

"Anyways, I take it you're here for some of Trowzer's famousss advanced manoeuvresss?"


"Yes please! We could really do with some new moves, Trowzer."

Trowzer: "Sssmashing. Just for you, my good pals, I'll teach you a real boss-ssslammer for just 30 quills - a bargain"


"Hold on, I thought we had a deal... We unlock worlds, you give us freebies.


"My free movesss apply only in Hivory Towers, I'm afraid. In the tome worlds, it's businessss asss ussssual!"

"let me know which product you're after and we'll fill out the required formsss..."

Purchase confirmation Edit


"Top choice! Are you sure thisss is the move you're after?"

Purchasing the Buddy Slam Edit


"Ok... what's this move all about, Trowzer?"


"This next move is such a ssstunning offer I'm practically giving it to you for free."

"Ssseriously... With prices like this I'm going to have to remortgage my house."


"Is that a battered, old ruin too?"




"To perform buddy slam, simply jump into the air with (AXboxOne/Cross PS4), then press (LTXboxOne/L2 PS4) to send our green friend here ssslaming towards the floor, causing massive damage!


"Oofff... Wouldn't it make more sense to have Laylee do the slamming?"


"Not Likely!"


"With buddy slam, Yooka will effortlessly sssmash through obstacles and foesss alike!"

"Now, will you be needing accident insurance with that, my good mates?"




"Nope, we're fine thanks, wormy!"

Leaving Edit


"Sssee you again! Remember, palsss... You can never have too many movesss!"





  • Trowzer was first revealed in website post by Playtonic Games on May 11, 2015.[1]
  • Trowzer seems to have been inspired by Bottles and Jamjars from the Banjo-Kazooie series, as both characters teach the main duo different new moves. Trowzer also only teaches you moves if you have a certain amount of a collectible, just like Jamjars.
    • Similar to Jamjars and Bottles, Trowzer is found around different parts of the worlds.
  • The year on Trowzer's brick phone is 1985, the year Rare, Ltd. was founded.[2]
  • Trowzer was the first supporting character of Yooka-Laylee to be revealed.[1]
  • The idea of Trowzer came from Gavin Price, who told Steve Mayles about it through a post-it note, and Steve Mayles then designed Trowzer.
  • It was originally thought that Grant Kirkhope was doing the voice for Trowzer the Snake, but Grant corrected it, stating that it was Dean Wilson.[3]
  • Any speech by Trowzer that contains the letter "s," "c," or "z" is drawn out to imitate a hissing sound.
  • When Yooka and Laylee come out of the Tribalstack Tropics' Grand Tome, the first Pagie that the duo collects state that Trowzer made a bet with the Pagie that the duo would not come back out of Tribalstack Tropics alive. Since the duo came out of Tribalstack Tropics, Trowzer lost this bet, which hints that Trowzer did not originally have faith in Yooka and Laylee.
  • Trowser's early design depicted him with one eye, a further reference to the innuendo that inspired him.


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