What makes me CrustyMuffin?

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I preordered and 100%ed the Steam Yooka-Laylee Special Edition. I've been waiting for something like this for 8 years or more. Like, nothing can express how much I love this game.

I'm a Content Manager for The Hivory Hub, and have my own YouTube channel, which is pretty much one Yooka-Laylee meme, and some other stuff that isn't important. I do plan to add more content in the future.

I administer the Yooka Laylee Bat Ship Crazy! Facebook page.

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Even more about me

My style of editing the wiki is the boring stuff, mostly. Grammar, adding stuff, yada yada. I do try to collect as much information about Yooka-Laylee as I can

I may or may not be currently working on a project involving a jellyfish, flying squirrel, and a red panda. May or may not be. I don't really know. Most likely in the future.

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