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"One Tonic? You've gotta present your company-approved ID card first, kid!"
― Vendi

Vendi serves as an ally in Yooka-Laylee. Vendi will provide Yooka and Laylee with various Play-Tonics in every world if they complete some optional objectives. Vendi is an employee of Capital B, and only dispenses tonics for other colleagues with an ID card. She only dispenses tonics for Yooka since he claims Laylee ate his.

Name Origin Edit

Vendi's name is a play-on-words of the common female English name, "Wendy" and the word "vending machine."


Vendi is a yellow rectangular-shaped vending machine with large red lips. On her head rests a blue bandana with yellow circles with Arcade Tokens on them. She has a coin slot and a number pad on her right side. Her eyes are white with bright sapphire pupils. She has black eyeliner on, and the word 'tonics' appears near the bottom of her. She has white teeth.

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Development Edit

  • Vendi was first revealed in concept art in the July 2016 edition of Edge Magazine.
  • Throughout multiple screenshots and videos, Vendi was seen in the background of structures
    • She started with appearing on the second floor of the Duke's Temple around the E3 2016 Trailer, and appeared to have moved to the second floor of the Tribalstack Monument. However, it was shown during the Character Parade trailer that she was moved back to the second floor of the Duke's Temple.
  • The Character Parade Trailer was the first close-up look of Vendi.



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  • Her name might represent "Wendy" in a stereotypical Central European accent. Her speech pattern supports this, as she's heard to go "ja ja ja," which is "yes" in several germanic languages.
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